My DVDFAB PLAT. keeps pixelizing my dvds, is there anything i can do?

Two things that are easy to try and may help. First, reduce the burn speed to 4X and try one. You can select this in Common Settings–>Write. If you are already burning at a slow speed, try a different brand of blank media. What does the Quality% readout say just before you click Start? Does the problem occur all through the movie or just in spots? Near the beginning or end? Have you tried the disc in another player? Give us a little more information–A burn log would be helpful. It contains a lot of information about your past burns and may have a clue as to why they are not playing well. Directions for finding and posting it are in the bottom link in my sig if needed.


This may also have to do with which media you are using (you don’t say in your post) - strongly suggest using Verbatim and/or Tayio Yuden medias-eh!!

Yes, prrrrretty please… :wink: