Pixelization with Clone DVD



Hi Folks:

Greetings from Brazil! Until recently I had a DVD drive LG GSA 4082B working perfectly. I never had problems using cheap disks (Ritek, Princo, Arita, etc) and never lost any media with bad recording (pixelization, skipping, freezing, etc.).The softwares used: DVD Decrypter / DVD2One/Clone DVD2.

Unfortunately, on early January 2005, I had a problem with my LG GSA-4082B drive and had to replace it for a new model: LG GSA 4160B. As usual, I updated the drive firmware (now running with official LG A302). However, since I installed the new LG drive on the same PC machine (keeping the same softwares listed above) I am getting pixelization in ALL medias, including the most expensive ones such as TDK, Samsung, LG, Philips, etc. The pixelization occurs alleatory in all the recorded disc, showing a lot of minisquares slowing the picture movement, but not freezing it. This pixelization effect is visible also when I play the media with 3 different desktop DVD players (two Pioneers and one Panasonic). Interesting: I have watched the video VOBs (after DVD2One processing) straight from the hard disk, and the pixelization does not occurs!!! Conclusion: this effect is ocurring during the recording process only! I did a double check with the new LG DVD drive in other machine and it worked perfectly (but with NERO). So the drive it is working fine.

The hardware used is: Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM DDR 333, HD 40 Gb 7200 rpm, DVD drive LG 4160B. Operation system: Windows XP + SP1 + SP2 plus all Win XP updates. The HD is defragmented twice a week. IDE controllers primary/secondary are set as DMA. The DVD unit is installed as a secondary master (HD as a primary master). Summing it up: from the previous system, basically nothing has changed unless the new DVD drive.

Does anyone has a good idea of the reason why I am getting this pixelization effect in ALL DVDs recorded with Clone DVD 2? I can’t understand why I never had problems using Clone DVD2 on my previous LG DVD drive but now I can’t record any media using this software (due the pixelization).

Thanks in advance for you kind help.



Try DVD Shrink and/or reduce your burn speed to 4X. Still see problem? Remove Secondary IDE channel from Device Manager and reboot PC. Windows will reload driver. Confirm that the optical drive is running in DMA mode. Retest. You may need to replace the burner at this time if problem persists.


Dear Furballi:

Thanks for your advice. Yes, I forgot to mention that I reduced burn speed for 4x and 2x and still get pixelization! OK, I will remove secondary IDE channel from Device Manager and reboot PC and obviously will retest again. As soon as I get the results I will let you know.

Thanks again for you take your precious time to help me.



Try 4X and record your CPU load under Task Manager during the burn. Please post the CPU load for the old and new PC.



As per your recommendation I removed IDE channel from Device Manger, reboot the PC and for my surprize all IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers were removed! As a consequence the PC did not recognized the DVD drive anymore. I had to restore the PC using the restoration point/system. So, guess that this won’t works for me.

OK, now I will burn some stuff and will record the CPU load for the PC. HAve in mind that we are talking about the same PC. There is not an old and a new PC. It is the same PC, with the same softweares (Decrypter/DVD2One/Clone DVD 2) but with a new DVD drive (LG GSA-4160B).





I recorded a DVD-R with 2X velocity, DMA set at primary/secondary channel, all others softwares closed (at the task bar) except DVD Region + CSS Free which I usually left running while I use the Clone DVD 2. The CPU load (during media burning was 212 M/1250, 90-96% of usage.

Unfortunately the new recording still shows pixelization since the playing starts.

Thanks for your suggestions.

PS: Do you think that DVD Region + CSS Free running while I record with Clone DVD 2, could be the problem?


Windows should have reloaded the primary and secondary IDE channels. Go into BIOS and verify that the primary and secondary channels are set to AUTO detect. Reboot. Now remove the primary and secondary IDE channels from Device Manager. Windows SHOULD reload the drivers when you reboot.

A CPU of 90+% for a P4 is very high, considering you’re only burning at 2X. My CPU load at 4X for a 600 MHz PIII is between 2 to 40%, depending on software used. Try shutting down CSS. You may need to reload CloneDVD. High CPU load is usually the result of no DMA transfer.

Once CloneDVD has created the VIDEO_TS file, you can use Nero to burn the movie to your DVD (using DVD MOVIE mode).


Thanks Furballi. Guess that I will give up to use Clone DVD. For some unknown reason it is not working properly with my new DVD drive. Probably the new drive firmware is not totally compatible with Clone DVD 2. Another Forum member (LoBster) has reported a similar problem telling that he has solved this issue just changing the PC power supply unit (PSU). According to LoBster, if the PSU is oscillating a little bit it may generates glitches/pixelizations. Olli (the author of Clone DVD 2) also agress with that.

But frankly I will try now NERO. It is too much stress. I can’t record anything since early January 2005, when I bought this new DVD drive by LG. Also I lost more than 12 medias.

Anyway, I really appreciated your help! Thanks a lot!



Dear Furballi:

The problem was solved! I removed Clone DVD 2 and used Nero Express to burn the VIDEO_TS file previously processed with DVD2One to fit on a DVD-5. Conclusion: for some (unknown) reason this new LG DVD drive (model LSA-4160B) is more compatible with NERO than with Clone DVD 2, including their latest retail version (

I take the chance to thank you very much for your kind support. It was very helpful and informative.

Kindest Regards.



I don’t think, that the LG drive is “incompatible” with CloneDVD, otherwise a lot more people would complain. I believe it is a combination of CloneDVD + the new LG drive + some unknown factor causing the problems. Anyway, good that you found a solution that works for you.


The reason I suggested Nero is because CloneDVD uses more CPU load when burning. Still there is a problem with your PC because the load is over 90% at a slow burn speed. You need to fix this if you want reliable burns or faster burns.

Can you record the CPU load when burning in file mode with Nero? It should be less than 9%?


For me, LG 4163B + CloneDVD2 = No Problem…




I will check that. But the fact is: no pixelization/glitches problem anymore using NERO Express, unfortunately, because I would prefer to use Clone DVD 2. But guess you’re right. As NERO uses less CPU load (I have read that in somewhere) probably this is the trick. What do you seggest to decrease the use of the CPU load during DVD burning? All drives (primary/secondary channels) are set to DMA. HD is set to UDMA.

Thanks in advance.




Thanks for your kind opinion and interesting to know that LG 4163B works fine with Clone DVD 2. My DVD drive is a LG 4160B (seems to be a slightly different model from yours). The firmware I’m using it is the official LG A-302, just updated. Anyway I thank you and all the guys that tried to help me to solve this issue! Thanks a lot to everyone.




Guess you’re right. Sorry for my wrong conclusion regarding the “non-compatibility” of your nice software and my new DVD drive. Guess that Furballi went straight to the point when he said that NERO uses less CPU load than your Clone DVD 2. Something is really wrong with the PC machine but it is working fine now burning DVD medias with NERO Express. No need to change the PSU. But as soon as I have more time to fine tune the PC, I will try Clone DVD 2 again and let you know.

Thanks a lot for your precious help.



The CPU load is around 35% at 4X with CloneDVD and my 600 MHz PIII. Suspect there is a software issue with your P4. If you have time, then you should format the hard drive and reload windows. This should allow Clone DVD to burn at 16X without causing the CPU load to overload.



As soon as I have a spare time to format the HD and re-load everything (Win XP included) I’m sure everything is gonna be allright, as you said. Meantime, I will continue using Nero Express working at 4X / 8X even with the CPU overload. Picture quality looks fine with Nero burning, but guess that with Clone DVD 2 the picture quality used to be more crisp and vivid, if you know what I mean. Summing it up: the recording engine of Clone DVD 2 seems to be better than the recording engine used by Nero. What do you think about?




The burn engine should not matter, as long as your buffer level and CPU load are not working hard to keep up with the burn speed.

If you are copying without ANY compression, then the picture should look the same. Even with compression, I could not see any difference between various “shrink” engines like CloneDVD, Recode, and Shrink. I suspect that you may need to magnify the picture many times to see the drop in picture quality.

A better compression engine will reduce the transcoding time.


Hi Folks:

Firstly, I thank all of you very much for all the help I had on this great Forum to solve my problem with pixelization. I followed the advice of Furballi and Olli. I formated the HD, re-installed the Windows XP/SP1/SP2/Plus all updates, and now everything is working fine! Guess that my previous Win XP installation lost/corrupted any (or some DLLs).

Now I am using DVD Decypter + DVD2One + Clone DVD No problem anymore and I’m getting a picture quality better than using the Nero Reloaded! Olli: congratulations for your GREAT software! Furballi: thanks a lot for your guidance and kind advise!



It could have been a virus or piece of spyware, btw.