Hi, :cool:
I have a problem when I have burned my movies to disc.
The picture pixelates at times through out. Not noticable to that extent.
It really bugs me because when I play it on my computer its picture perfect.
I use Ultra DVD Creator to log the files together with. (Paid for this program)
(I haven’t tried any other yet don’t know which is BEST before I buy AGAIN!!) :disagree:
Obiviously my burner drives do the burning they’re only cheap ones: Optiarc & Asus Lightscribe (I’m thinking of replacing the optiarc and getting a Blu Ray burner if anyone can recommend a good product)
Can anyone solve this issue for me please.
Cheekyman (Frank) :bow:

what media and what speeds are you burning at?

Thanks for replying.
Media meaning VOB files I put in for conversion first.
The program takes care of that.
My speed is I think set to max.
The program doesn’t have any settings for that. Its automatic.
It takes them in and coverts them to a working DVD. Then burns them all together. I’m new to this game so I’m not clued up on the workings of VOB’s ISO’s etc…
Cheekyman (Frank):bow:

Media = the brand of blank discs you are using. Highly recommended would be Verbatim or TY (Taiyo Yuden). General rule of thumb is to burn your media at half it’s maximum rated speed, ie 16X you would burn at 8X.

Yes I’ve just read about media thats what you call it then!!
The discs are from various sources I’m not sure which ones to get.
DVD-R’s or +R’s or 16x 0r even 8x Like I said I’m new at burning discs I’m afraid. I usually get cheapest NovaTech ones. Or sometimes people buy them for me. I’ve got some -R’s RiVision to burn on. So you think it could be disc related??