Ive had pixelation problems before and narrowed it down to the media I was using but I think this is different but not sure. After Backing up You, Me and Dupree I got some pixelation following with some sort of bouncing image and/or the sound track would be off from the image after the pixelation. The thing is if I stop the movie and begin to play it again from that same spot, it plays fine. Is thih the media or the player?

It must be the player if you can get it to play correctly by starting it again. How does it play back on the computer?

Just go buy one of those DVD/CD laser lens cleaners. Your DVD players laser eyes can get dusty and dirty.

it is not the player in my case. am having this problem with the last few burns, tried them on several dvd players with no improvement. currently trying to figure out if its my burner or media.

This type of problem can be in the burning or reading/encoding stages of the rip. Try playing the “temp” files from your hard drive using WinDVD or PowerDVD and see if you have the same errors that are present on the burned discs.

If after you’ve viewed the movie off your hdd and if you’ve determined the ripped files are ok, please post back with some details…burner - make/model/firmware, MID (media code) and burn speed.
Hard to recommend specifics here, but stick with quality media such as verbatim and TY. You may want to use RWs until you isolate the cause(s).

Have you tried another software?

just got some TY value line printables and skipping and pixilation are gone.
for me it turned out to be media related.