Pixelation Problems

Being new to this forum I will apologiose now if this subject has been covered previously.

I am trying to backup my DVD collection but seem to be experiencing pixelation problems on all of my copies.

I am using Clad DVD and Pinnacle Instant copy, and whilst it does create a copy (after a few days!!) that can be read in both my PC DVD drive and my home DVD recorder, there is pixleation on this copy.

I have tried viewing the file directly from the disk on the PC, as created by Clad DVD, and this is fine. I use Verbatim 4X DVD +RW media and a USB externally attached Somny DRU510 - I also use this media on my home recorder very successfully.

Just wanted some advice and the benefit of other experiences - I’m not one for re-inventing the wheel if I can avoid it.