Pixelation at end of movie

Hi all, I have been using DVD2one for about3 months now and have had no problems however the last 3 disks I have made for some strange reason have shown heavy pixelation and eventually froze right at the end of the movies. I mean within 2/3 mins of the title coming up. Movies where Pulp fiction and the Guru. Could it be the disks ? ( Datawrite 4x Red Tops) although I have used about 50 of them all fine ?. I just found it strange that they both froze within 2 mins from the end. Strange thin is I tried Pulp Fiction in the PC, no problem. Then tried it again in my DVD after it had been turned off for 30 mins and it was OK ( it played the end) Is it the disks, the player or DVD2one at fault any help would be apreciated.
Thanks for your time

Almost certainly the discs. Some play better ‘hot’ than others.

If you check the discs using Nero’s DVDspeed transfer rate test you’ll probably see the transfer rate dip dramatically about 4gigs into the disc.

The Princo dye used on these discs isn’t the best at playing under extremes. Couple this with the decrease in ‘burn quality’ towards the outer edge of the disc and you get precisely the symptoms you are describing.

Been there, done that :wink:


Thanks for the reply which disks would you recommend ?

At the risk of this getting thread getting moved to a different forum tinkapace I’d have to say that if your looking for a ‘budget’ disc try any that use Ritek dye.

I’ve only just upgraded from a Pioneer 104 (x2 speed) to a 105 (x4 speed) and have had very few problems with discs using Ritek dye.

Having said that, I’m just trying out some o1ne x4 discs that have lead data dye. 3 out of the first 5 were coasters :frowning: until I updated my firmware and the last few seem OK but I’m still reserving judgment on them!

If you really want to be sure shell out a bit more cash and get some quality branded media such as the Pioneer stuff itself!!


I’ve had good luck with my A05/hacked-firmware with any crap media I throw at it…and I’ve burned more than 100 at 2X.
However, I used to have pixelization at end-of-movie/credits until I set the sizing in D2O down from 4472 to 4460.
Try that…

I agree,
i have the same problem with my dvdR105 and i have see in another forum the problem is the BurnSpeed. some DVD-R certified 2X/4X have this problem with 2X/4x burning and no more with 1X burning.
I’m Burning every time at 1X and all is OK.

if you will burn at 2X/4X you must increase the final size at 4200 it’s work too but you loose a little bit quality. :frowning:

Sorry for bad english