Pixelation and Freezing on DVD not on computer

I have burned a number of DVDs from varying sources including originals and seem to constantly have 5-20% of each DVD contains sound and video hiccups when I play in on my DVD player. When I play it on my computer using InterVideo it always plays flawlessly. I am using XP 64-bit and a new burner that should be good. I do have Imation DVDs - which I assume are crappy.

If the problem is the quality of the DVDs, why would it play fine w/ InterVideo?

Just trying to watch a whole movie without chucking the disc against the wall half way thru.

Imation is imho quality media - I often use them with 100% success. However, the problem you describe is most likely related to write speed. A writer is supposed to be able to read the disks it created even at the highest speed. If not, either the writer or the media is faulty or incompatible, eventually the PC is too weak for the writing speed. Standalone DVD players are more sensitive, so reduce writing speed to the half of what you have been using.

I hope that your sources are all legal :wink:

Anyway usually these problems are due to two reasons: a bad media, and a really picky standalone.

Imation discs are not really the best. Try to use a different media, like verbatim or taiyo yuden.

Another thing that you can do to improve compatibility is to burn +R media changing booktype in ROM (if your burner is able to do it).

What burner do you have exactly? And what firmware? You can find these informations with cd-dvd speed

Thanks for the feedback. I seriously doubt my machine is the limitation, AMD Athalon 64 3500+ 2.21 GHZ 1G RAM, unless its an issue w/ 64-bit OS. My burner is TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B TS04.

Where would I change the booktype?

I tried a burn at 4X, all prior were 8X, and when I check disc quality graph my PI Errors avg over 4000 and PI Failures avg 100. Pretty much the same I had at 8X.

I had similar issues w/ Memorex DVDs. I’m just trying to narrow down the problem.

Of course all burns are legal. Whose aren’t?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t know if your burner is able to change booktype. You can find it again with cd-dvd speed.

Go to menu “Extra” --> “Bitsetting” and see if options are available. Remember that booktype can be changed only on +R/RW media.

Moreover, memorex discs are not very good quality. Try a verbatim. And burn media around their certified speed. Burning a 16x media @4x give bad results

Thanks for your advise. It won’t let me change the booktype using cd-dvd speed.

I’ll try your DVD recommendation.

One question - it doesn’t make sense to me how I can play the movies fine on my computer but not my DVD player if it is just the media. I did a quality scan on a number of DVD that worked fine for 80% of the playback. Most of them have PI Errors in the 8000 range for the majority of disc. If its that bad how am I seeing anything on either player?

Some standalone are really picky about media :frowning:

Moreover, I’m not sure that a TSSTcorp is a reliable scanner. For what I know only plextor, liteon and benq are good and reliable scanners. Also some NEC drives are able to do reliable scans, but I don’t know exactly what.

If you can afford it, I suggest you to buy a new burner (a benq 1650 or a 1655 if you want also lightscribe can be a good choice because burn with good quality and is able to do scsns)

What is your burner? Many have their own programs to change the booktype or biterate. Not sure if it has happened but fengtao was going to build this function into Platinum.


For rented DVD’s, try cleaning the disk. I was having the same problem, but intermittently. Movie was filthy…finger prints, smudges…cleaned it and it copied and played back like a charm! Sometimes it’s just that easy!

It’s strictly illegal , in most countries , to copy rented DVDs and should not be discussed on this forum.

Ditto :iagree: