Not sure if it’s even a word but I’m having a problem with Nero 7 Essentials. When I burn my home movies to DVD, the disc burns but when I view it the picture seems to pulse with pixel breakthrough. Just enough to drive you nuts. I downloaded and installed the latest firmware for my burner. I’m wondering if it’s something in the setup I’m doing wrong or if it could just be I got a defective burner?


Almost certainly this is a media problem. Either you’re using poor quality discs or discs that aren’t compatible with your burner.

Thanks for the response. I’ve tried two different types of media. Maxell DVD+R and Sony DVD-R and get the same exact result with each. Any recommendations on what brand and type of media is best for just burning home movies to send to Grandparents? :smiley:

Most Verbatim 16X is pretty good burned at 8X. What is your burner?

What is the quality of the video you are burning? Do you know the bitrate or what type it is? Did you capture it and if so, how/what settings?

Do you know what quality setting was used to burn it?

I have a LITEON 20X DVD Burner. I set the video capture on High and NTSC.
The burning speed is set to Max. Here are the rest of the details from Nero.

Video Mode: NTSC
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Quality: High Quality

Audio format: LPCM
Sample format: Automatic
Encoding mode: Fast Encoding (1-Pass)
Nero SmartEncoding: Enable

Number of titles: 1

  1. NVECapture.0003 (Video Title, 1h 01m 21s)
  • Audio SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %
  • Video SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %

Number of menus: 1

  • Main menu (1 page)