Pixelated screen/Freezing DVD Player

My friends sent me a jWin DVD Player that I connected to two different televisions and played several different DVDs. Whenever I play a DVD and even just get to the main menu, the screen gets pixelated and freezes. I have to press Stop, Open the DVD tray, close it, and then it usually plays just fine. What’s causing this? Is it just a junky DVD player? If it only did it on one DVD, I’d say that it was a scratched DVD. But it’s done it on 3 DVDs now.

Thanks for any replies!

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Are these “DVDs” commercial pressed DVDs, or home burnt DVDRs?

In the first case, yes it’s the player that is kinda picky.

In the second case, it’s more complicated. Most probably these discs haven’t been burnt properly, or are of low quality, or have below par reflectivity AND the player is picky, or all of these. :bigsmile:

These are commercially pressed DVDs (“Cars” and “Devil Wears Prada”). Actually, it was interesting. I was on one tv that doesn’t have all the DVD hookups. So I purchased an RF Modulator and went through that. On the first TV, the first time I tried watching “Cars” it was fine. No problem. Then, I took the DVD player and “Cars” to my mother’s Sony, which has the DVD hookups, tried watching it, and bam!, it started doing it during the main menu.

Do all DVD players act this way with commercially pressed DVDs? Or do I just have a junky one? Is there anything I can do?


I have an older Sony TV that doesn’t like to work right with a DVD player if it is hooked up to S-Video.

I wasn’t using the S-Video hookup. The only hookups I used were the red, yellow, and white connectors. What is S-Video for anyway?

S-Video splits the colors up differently resulting in better picture quality.
It sounds like you just have a bad DVD player.