Pixelated images

I don’t usually double post, but I realized that I would have a better shot at getting some advice if I posted this here rather than the new member’s forum.

Hi all, as you can see I’m the new kid on the block. What brings me here is a problem with pixelated images on back up DVDs. I recently built my first computer and everything fired up and worked without any problems, that is until I went to watch a movie I had just copied. Every now and then I get a very brief pixelated image and a slight distortion of the audio. I have changed the IDE cable, ran a DVD cleaner disc, re-downloaded DVDFab…twice, and I even used a Q-tip to clean the lens…very gently. I’m using a NEC 3550A, coincidentally the warranty ran out this weekend.

I’m out of ideas and am hoping that there is something I’ve over looked. Any thoughts would be gladly appreciated. Thanks, dc3

what media are you using and what speed are you burning at"?

Hi The Kipper, I’m using Ritek Ridata DVD+R 16x. I’ve burned over a hundred DVDs with this media and have yet to produce a single coaster. This porblem started after my new build so I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a driver problem.

The motherboard is a Biostar TForce 6100 939, and I haven’t seen any more current drivers than what I have.

Exactly how does the new build differ from the old one? Same burner, same number of hd’s, same software?

Picture breakup is either a bad disc or an over-compressed video. How about doing a transfer rate test on the affected discs with Nero CDSpeed? That’ll usually rule out a bad disc. Your symptom really does sound like a bad disc. Could just be a coincidence that it’s from the new PC.

I solved the problem, it is DVDFab. I downloaded it a week ago after finishing my new build, burned a movie which then exhibited the problems, I deleted the DVDFab and downloaded it a second time with the same results. At that point I started looking every where except at the software. I tried DVD Shrink and it worked just fine, mystery solved.

I thank all of you who have tried to help me, I now have other question that I hope I can get some good advice on from you all. I’ll post them in a new thread.

Interesting that it might be DVDFab is the culprit; you might post your systems and your fix in the “copy dvd movie” forum in the FAB section so that the author can look into the problem.

Most likely the problem was over-compression. Shrink can compress a movie far more than most other programs. User settings in the different programs are also a factor. Shrink still rules for compression.

I had to wipe the hdd on my other computer a while back and I had a problem with the DVDFab download afterwards, the second time that I downloaded it there was no problem. I’m going to call DVDFab in the morning and see if I can get some answers. I had thought about purchasing this program as it has worked well for me, but you have to download it and then register it, if I have this much trouble with the download I’m not buying it.

If I can come up with an answer for this problem with DVDFab I will post the results, my fix is simply a work around…I used another software. :rolleyes: