Pixelated image

What does it mean when the movie that I burned with dvd decryptor is all jumpy- kinda-pixelated when I play it? The pixels are big too, if thats what they really are. :confused:

I believe that the problem could be in a couple different areas. It could be that there are errors on the disc that are showing up as the pixellated areas. It could be that in the formation of the video there were errors and that could be causing it. It also could be that your DVD player is not interpreting the video correctly or is having issues with the disc and showing up as pixels.

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U know what it plays OK in windows media player, but not with power DVD, still all pixelated, whats up with that? :confused:

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I fixed the problem myself


Pixelation, when played back on a standalone is indicative of transcoding errors and/or burn quality issues. Pixelation, when played back on the PC is indicative of transcoding errors and/or burn quality issues and/or playback software issues. So it could be anything.


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