Pixel Shader 3



Ok…i downloaded a game called Dungeon Quest and it says i need to download/enable pixel shader 3…i think it has to do with directX 9 or something :confused: …well can anyone help me…is it on my computer or do i have to download it?..i have a intel graphicc card


Did you check the supported video cards in the game’s specs before you downloaded it?
Pixel shader 3 require an nVidia 6XXX - 7XXX card or a Radeon 1XXX card.
You might be able to get by with a Radeon X800 but I don’t think on board graphics are going to do it.


talking on illegally downloaded softwares/games is not allowed here , but ill give you the benefit of the doubt and assume its a demo :slight_smile:

basicly its a feature within a video card or gpu more correctly , and no software can cover for it if your card doesnt support it , onboard video does not support it and probably never will , to play games you must have a solid nvidia/ati video card , onboard video are simply not intended for gaming


oh…ok…and its not illegal…umm…ther was a competition with XNA and u have to make a game in 4 days and they gave out the games! here is the site if u want…
http://creators.xna.com/ and here is to where it is handed out…the games… http://creators.xna.com/forums/ShowThread.aspx?PostID=1292


Hi easterbunny,
The game is sold by download so all the guy would need would be the code the competition gave out.


So you have onboard gfx, usually that cannot work.
Go to an intel support site and search for gfx drivers.

The game itself seems to be available on DVD-ROM, but not for free. Found it only in Germany. And it is still copyrighted. :bigsmile:

Release Date: 27. März 2007

The download links posted are legal.

RuffRyder93, have you installed this? http://creators.xna.com/Resources/Essentials.aspx


Are you sure it was Pixel shader 3.0 and not .Net 3.0 - since you cannot “download” pixel shader 3.0 - your graphics either supports it or it doesn’t, while .net 3.0 IS mentioned specifically for one of them.

And it DOES need pixel shader 3.0, but as far as I know, that is not a deature that you can download, and can only be “enabled” by using an appropriate graphics card and drivers - eg. Radeon X1k series, but NOT the X1050 which is not a true X1k card, or Geforce 6 series or above (and with grave reservations about throughput, that might just about include a 6150 onboard).


Hey you guys …I just downloaded juiced 2 demo HIN and

it says i need a 3 shader graphic card is that possible to download
for free any where

(i looked all over)



Its hardware, basically your graphics card does not have the required features. Only way to proceed is to upgrade to a better card.

& I doubt you looked everywhere as the answer is listed above already.


I have problem too. With game Devim May Cry 4… i got original version but when i want to start the game, it says: ERR06 : Unsupported pixel shader version detected. 2.0.

What did I do??


Buy a new video card. Your video card isn’t supported and can not be made to work with that game.


Ok , So Pixel Shader Is Built In Into Your Graphics Card So You Can’t Download Any Thing To Upgrade Or Something:disagree:
But Surely You Can Buy A New Graphics Card :iagree:
:flower: This Is All The Information You Need , If You Want To Know More About Pixel Shaders Click Here