Pixalation problem Panasonic DVD Recorder



Can anyone tell me the usual source of a pixalation problem with DVD player/recorders? I have a Panasonic DMR-E60GK multisystem which is experiencing it. Thanks from a grateful new member. - Stephan James


You need to provide a lot more information. Is this a playback problem? On what sort of discs?


It is a playback problem when using all DVDs, both original film DVDs and home copied DVDs. Thanks.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is a playback problem on all DVDs, both original film DVDs and home-copied ones. The player/recorder is about five years old and has been used to copy approx. 400 movies from videos.


Try running a cleaning disc through it, sounds like some dirt, hair, smoke, etc on the laser. It’s having trouble reading all discs, so a dirty laser is a good bet.


Tried that, CDan, but it didn’t help. Yikes.


Might be time to look for a replacement, laser could be crapping out. Last resort would be to open it up and clean the laser with q-tips and alcohol. (isopropyl)


CDan, could you recommend a replacement DVD recorder/player with multisystem capabilities as I have tons of PAL DVDs from my time in europe? Thanks.