Good Morning: I just purchased an AIOS HD Media Centre. I had seen comments on this unit in a thread but it has been a few months since I’ve been on this site and I’m not sure what the thread was called.

I want to purchase an Internal HDD 3.5" Sata hard disc to store some of my original movies on. Can anyone tell me if the one I am listing below would be a good choice or could somebody recommend one.

Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive . Would I have to buy cables to connect this to my AIOS?

I would appreciate any comments and suggestions. Maybe I should be looking at a 2 or 3 TB drive.


I have no first hand experience with this product, but here’s the Spec Sheet from the mfr’s webpage

It says “hot-swappable SATAI/II” connections so it sounds like you can plug in a bare “internal” drive. No cables necessary. “Hot-swap” means there’s a bay or a ‘dock’ that the internal drive can be slid into.

Most hard-drives you can buy now will be SATA II or SATA III, which are all backwards compatible. If you can find a cheaper SATA-II drive, there’s no reason to spend a dime more for a SATA-III version just because it’s newer.

I’d ask AIOS this question, plus a couple of others…

For several years, there is a class of hard-drives called “Green” or power-savers, or sometimes the label is “IntelliPower”, meaning the drives can initiate a Sleep Mode, consuming little power when the drive hasn’t received Access Requests (Reads, Writes) after X minutes - 1? 2? 5? 10-20-30 - whatever.

If the AIOS doesn’t support “green or IntelliPower services”, then it might believe “Uh oh, the hard drive has died! It’s lost power!!” It may not realize this is a Sleep Mode and all AIOS has to do is send a “Now I Need The Hard-Drive” command for it to wake up and function properly. AIOS might shut down thinking the drive’s dead and no need to stay operational.

You might also ask about 5900rpm drives vs. 7200’s, because I’m wondering if Heat is an issue - the 5900s will run a bit cooler, and for bare-fingers to touch a long-used 7200rpm drive might yield a VERY hot surprise. “YIKES!” followed by a quick drop on the floor, in other words. Dribbling of hard-drives is seldom recommended.

The 5900s can be pretty warm, too, but AIOS might have recommendations about one speed vs another due to heat, cautious handling and power-savings Sleep Modes.


I have one, ran a 2tb in it for a while but it is painfully slow to transfer files over the network to, other then that the drive worked fine but I mostly capture HDTV then transfer to other big drives after editing them down so for me it was better to just take the drive out and put it in here.
It was a standard 7200rpm Seagate drive and was fine in the box, the little drive bay thing it slips into is easy to deal with and it even has a small fan to help keep it cool when a drive’s inside, plus just keep the unit nice and cool but the fans a bit noisy.
They do have a manufacturer forum for it and there is also a good one on AVS forums as well with the same main guy that does all the mods and things on both, he’s very helpful. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1387436/pivos-aios-hd-media-center-the-semiofficial-thread


Thanks to both of you for the info. I’ve sent an E mail to Pivos, awaiting a reply.
[B]Dartman, does the “bare bones” Hot Swap internal Sata Hard drive just slide in to the “Hot Swap” Drive Tray" and slide in to the Media Centre without plugging in any cables[/B].
I plan on using this Internal hard drive to store “Movies”. Thank you for the AVS Forum site location, I will check this out as well as the Manufacturer’s.

Thanks once again ChristineBCW and Dartman for the help.


The drive just snaps into the sliding bracket that plugged into the side. It doesn’t use extra cables the connectors on the drive just plug in to the Aios directly when it’s properly snapped into the bracket and slid into place and locked in, yes it’s plug and play though you’ll need to let the box format it. There are a couple of screws you can use to lock the drive into the bracket or it will just stay put without them if you want to take it out of the bracket a lot.


Thank you Dartman for your info and your promptness in replying.