Pirates scent discs to throw dogs off

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Two sniffer Labrador dogs loaned by the MPAA to the Malaysian authorities have turned very successful, blocking the shipment of nearly 1 million discs, worth ~$2.8 million on March 19th, compared…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13155-Pirates-scent-discs-to-throw-dogs-off.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13155-Pirates-scent-discs-to-throw-dogs-off.html)

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lol, funny times it is we are living in… seems like pirated CDs are as important heroin is :slight_smile:

funnier still is that MPAA cares more about illegal CDs than U.S. Government does about illegal drugs.

Comparing piracy and drug abuse is a moral judgment call. The objective fact is that IP piracy is just as financially lucrative as the drug trade in certain parts of the world. The big numbers that media outlets like to quote aren’t there yet, but consider overhead, turnover, and liquidity, and the ROI is looking pretty sweet. The Columbian cartels had standing bounties on drug sniffing dogs employed by U.S. Customs at the Port of Miami all through the 80s. It’ll be interesting to see whether Asian IP piracy begins to generate the same negative externalities as Latin American drug smuggling.

Comparing the “piracy” of so-called intellectual property and the illegality of drugs is an informative exercise. Modern prohibitionist drug laws originated in the United States. Those efforts were grew out of attempts to legislate rasict policies. This is a simple historical fact which conveniently explains why harmless and even beneficial herbs such as marijuana were targeted early on while intoxicating substances popular among the european decended ruling clas such as alcohol and tobacco were not. Drug laws are nothing more than the politics of exclusion. By identifying and making illegal the physical substances held dear to those outside of the political ruling class it is possible to then ostracize those minorities and enslave them into an oppressive prison culture such as we see in America and many other countries today. The same game is being played again in the “intellectual property” game but this time instead of merely whipping a few minority communities the game is to turn all of those below a certain income level into criminals so that the police can be used to terrorize their them into submission to the will of the political elite. So, yeah there are a lot of parallels between the criminalization of substances and the criminalization of thoughts.

LOL Preach on brother. In fact, I’m so enamored with your world view that I would like to sponsor you to speak at the next NAACP convention. We need to get you up on stage and let them hear the gospel- that exclusively minorities hold mary jane and crack so dear to their hearts. Good luck making it out alive Karl. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invitation. I’m honored. But the knowledgeable members of the NAACP would most likely only be bored to hear what they already know. Educate yourself my friend. It is a historical fact that drug laws are born of efforts to legislate racism. The Spanish-sounding word “marijuana” was actually created by law enforcement to scare whites into believing that the herb was an evil menace from the dark skinned peoples. The first drug law in the US was a ban on opium, but only in China Town. Heroin use among whites was not considered criminal. At the same time laws against pony tails and even carrying water on poles were passed. That is how racism is legislated. And if you think the sociopathic, racists drug war has not had a more terrorizing effect on communities of color by a profound degree then you are clearly ignorant of the facts. But I appreciate your vote for my appearance before the NAACP.