Pirates promise improved version of DaVinci Code next month

I just posted the article Pirates promise improved version of DaVinci Code next month.

  This  I hope will make you chuckle a bit, unless you happen to be Ron Howard, Tom Hanks or even Tom Cruise. Apparently, a couple of  really "hot" movie DVDs are being...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11880-Pirates-promise-improved-version-of-DaVinci-Code-next-month.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11880-Pirates-promise-improved-version-of-DaVinci-Code-next-month.html)

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With efficiency that good it looks as if you will have to make a Chinese Cd/DVD Freaks site Crabby.I’ll Volunteer to live and report from there(with such good bounty). :wink:
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Hardly surprising. It’s happening all over the world. A friend recently came back from his trip and said CD/DVD market stalls in Italy and Israel are selling pirated gear right under the noses of the police but the police turns a blind eye.

That’s what i call service!

good ts/tc xvids will be out within 2 weeks prob. dvdscr could could any time within the next 3 months.

Nothing new. I hope get a date to watch the real thing:B:S Mordorr

[I]I hope get a date to watch the real thing :B :S Mordorr [/I] I doubt that will be a problem for you! We all figured you for a chick magnet!! :B

You know, I’m not in favor of piracy like this, but OTOH, I just can’t feel sorry for RIAA/MPAA, they get what they ask for.

Usually dvdscr are out 1~2 months only. Anyway, I have no idea why something like this can be considered “news”. And don’t forget that there was an article on this site that mentioned China piracy is NOT the worst in the world.

However, with the population of China, even if they pirate 70% as much as other countries, the number of pirated copies they have should still be world’s #1.

Piracy issues or not. If pirates can get products out on the market faster than the industry. What the hell is RIAA/MPAA doing ? Isn’t the companys supposed to be the first to market / sell the product ? This is just to much fun, piracy was there first LOL

RIAA/MPAA doesn’t have jurisdiction in China. Yes, the leader of China met with President Bill Gates recently about curbing that, but much like every other ‘right’ in China… yeah, sure, uh huh.

The guy up a few comments, mentioned how the pirates get the stuff out earlier. The RIAA/MPAA sits on stuff for months and years before they release it. The more popular is, and longer they try and hold on to it, the worse the pirating gets. They like to double dip, with theatre ticket sales, then dvd sales. Thats why they won’t easily put the dvd’s on sale at the same. Truth be told if dvds came out the same day as the move in the theatre I wouldn’t go. Usually takes the pirates a little while to come up with something better the a camcorder recorded bootleg though. Not much the mpaa can do about, I think the problem would be bigger if dvd rips were getting leaked the same week a movie hit the theatres. Kind of like academy awards season :slight_smile:

dvd rip can not be leaked the same week the movie hits the theaters simply cuz it’s NOT DONE at that time yet. I believe soon after the movie get into duplication, something will get leaked out.

Darn, from the title I thought you meant a better version of the movie, not just better quality. I thought the pirates had worked some magic and produced a better film. I disapponited you only meant better video and sound. :frowning:

I bet you were not the only one. (Well Ok, maybe me. :p)

2 years ago i was in L.A. to the swap meets. They must have had 10 different dudes selling movies. I just had to check out for myself a copy of Around the World in 80 Days. They made a great dvd cover and all, but the movie was a telesync, not too bad quality I guess. I paid $10 for it. My sister eventually downloaded a dvd rip, burnt it and has a great cover for it :slight_smile: I guess if the MPAA was there selling the original, they would have made a cool $10 cash.


evn better hajj__ :wink: 05/23/2006 TELECINE The Da Vinci Code SVCD SEPTIC 8.6/7.0/8.3

One more reason pirates win in the fight for justice!:d