Pirates or Ninjas?

Which are the best? :wink: :cool: :bigsmile:

Ninjas, obviously. :iagree:

But pirates have a parrot on their shoulder!

They’re still not ninjas.

You try getting pizza delivery from a pirate… bloody useless :rolleyes:

How about them ninja-pizza-deliveries where the pizza boy dissapears in a puff of smoke, leaving all sorts of chemical trails on your pizza. :eek:

If he was a crap pizza delivery boy, then he deserved a nasty death. :iagree:

All pirates do is sail about going “aaahhrrrr!!!”, robbing people, drinking rum and having generally poor personal hygiene.

They don’t contribute to society in the same way that ninjas do :disagree:

People only like pirates because of Johnny Depp (and he’s not a real pirate…)

And what if it was a very very handsome pirate with a huge wooden leg? :bigsmile:

Pirates smell bad, even if they do have huge wooden legs.

ninja pirates

Pah! There’s no such thing.
It would just be a devious ninja, pretending to be a pirate so he/she could kill them all :iagree:

pirate ninjas!

Ninja ninjas!!

Pirate Ninjas with deadly parrots on their shoulders?

pirates tbh , to be fair ninjas arent as cool as pirates i mean sure its cool to gerot someone in their sleep its cool to stick peoples severed heads on a pole but it is really necessary its kinda like jordans breast’s sure at the time it was a bit of a laugh bit of fun but wheres the logic in it where as pirates were more effective they just raped pillaged and made people walk the plank :bigsmile:

10 reasons why Ninjas are better than pirates:

  1. Better dress sense; cool minimalist black rather than poncy frilly girls blouses.

  2. Shurikens.

  3. Ninjas have skills, and everyone knows that chicks dig guys with skills :iagree:

  4. Better personal hygiene

  5. Are capable of intelligent conversation without having to use the word “aahhhrrrr”

  6. No squawking parrots

  7. Superior flying and jumping onto house roof skill

  8. Appreciate fine food such as sushi, and pizza

  9. Highly disciplined

  10. Neat and tidy; you will never find a ninja leaving his dirty socks and underpants on the bedroom floor :disagree: This reason alone is enough to make the ninjas win IMO.


but u dont see a cool actor like johnny depp playing a ninja now do you :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, she has made one thing clear…

…gurls can´t possibly be ninjas!