Pirates of the Caribbean

I’m trying to make a backup of the Pirates of the Caribbean with Alcohol v1.43. I’ve burnt cd 1 as safedisk 2, but one i come to run the game it loads and the screen goes black and eventually dumps me back to the desktop. Any Ideas why this is happening.

Could somebody explain the proper way to burn this with alcohol

Many Thanks,


Oh I forgot to mention, that I get the loading screen then it seem to load the game and can hear the music, but the screen is black after about a minute, it drops me back to the deskop

Can anyone help please

Do you know protection is safedisc for sure?

I managed to get it working. It appears you need to set the graphic option to the same colour depth and resolution as your desktop for you to able to see the picture, weird

Thanks anyway


US version is unprotected btw (amazed the hell out of me). no probs with the rez either. my desktop is 1024x768, game loads and runs in 800x600.