Pirates of the Caribbean may require new firmware

I just posted the article Pirates of the Caribbean may require new firmware.

Those who purchase one of the Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray titles will likely need a firmware update going by this About.com report. Apparently, the disc makes use of certain Java features…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13374-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-may-require-new-firmware.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13374-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-may-require-new-firmware.html)

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What a load of crap…there are more people out there that have NO IDEA what a firmware update is…and the ones that usually know this kind of tricks…are called hackers. What’s next? Cars that wont run if you don’t pay the gas at 5$/litre? :r

Just remember, if you don’t dump DVD along with it’s antiquated and easily cracked CSS, and jump on the HD sophisticated DRM bandwagon: THE TERRORISTS WILL HAVE WON!!! :c /sarcasm

It’s the technology bomb! It’s going to become too confusing for folks, and everyone will die… I mean, get confused, and other clever people will screw them for more dollars.

And what happens down the road when they stop updating firmware for these $1k players? Another good reason to avoid the current HD formats entirely.

Actually just another perfectly sound reason to avoid Blu-ray if you ask me. Any “standard” that Sony brings to the market is to be avoided at all costs. Sony in general leaves a bad taste in my mouth. At this point I have decided on neither technology but this is another thing that helps push the ball into HD-DVD’s court.

Methinks Sony have a death wish. Just another good reason (they keep piling up) not to buy Blu-ray. I pity the poor suckers who shelled out for a Sony player or the kiddies who own PS3s and want to watch “Pirates…” or some other fudged title. Thanks, but no thanks. :S

@Bobverens We are NOT all kiddies MORON! How about the one’s who wanted it as a gaming system and could care less for the Blu-ray? Sound to me like you are a person that ‘downs’ it cause you can’t afford it.

Maybe in future Sony will mandate that all Blu-ray players require a net connection for firmware updates ? Given that Joe Sixpack is too bum lazy to understand what fimware updating means then this route looks highly probable.

@RoC1909 he probably can afford it but is not that fool to invest in a “game console” that has one problem: missing GAMES. I hope you understand what I mean. Show me one game what is worth to buy a PS3 for. especially for 600 bucks… The PS3 game collection consists of either old titles ported from PS2 or boring stuff. No wonder why $ony still push the PS2 and the PS2 games so much. : :wink: By the way, if most people are not interested in BluRay movies then why do those ALWAYS complain about the missing internal highdef drive of the X360 ? :B regards, Stephen
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But then again as with all SONY so last century technology , there is always a catch 22! :X

The nice thing about Blu-Ray is that unlike HD DVD, when a new firmware is required, it doesn’t mean the movie won’t play, it just means certain bonus features may not work. But when HD DVD movies need a new firmware (like with Children of Men and several other titles), then thw whole thing is completely borked. It sucks that any firmware updates are needed, but let’s face it, both HD DVD and Blu-Ray were rushed about 1 year early.

Why not just include the firmware with the movie. Seems like a no brainer to me but then again I havnt bothered to research either HD tech very much. They are so far off my radar that I dont care. I have too much invested in standard def right now to justify the expense. Its very convenient to be able to just pick what movie I want to watch on my non-microsoft media center PC (sort of) by ripping the movies to a format compatible with Beyond TV. Easy with DVD, not so easy with HD.

Firmware is different for every player out there. It would be impractical to try to include the firmware for every player on the market.

It’s also much harder for Blu-Ray to offer this sort of thing, since there are not only multiple model types, but also multiple manufacturers. With HD DVD it’s a LITTLE bit easier since only Toshiba makes HD DVD hardware, but even then it’s completely impracticle to try to have a firmware for every player included on the disc. HOWEVER, putting in a little qualifying algorythm into the features that might be affected would be much more plausible. Unfortunately, for HD DVD it tends to be either a working disc or a non working disc, so this wouldn’t work… but with Blu-Ray it’s only a few features affected, so it should be possible to put something like “this feature requires a firmware upgrade. You can get it here:” whenever you try to access a feature your player needs a newer firmware for.

@neo1918 Considering the number of different BD players could probably be counted on the fingers of two hands and the firmware for each probably only runs to a couple of MB, 200MB of space used for firmware updates on a disc of 50GB isn’t that impractical. It’s more than likely they slipped in a little DRM update also :g