Pirates lurk for new Windows 8 RTM activation tricks now KMS / MAK methods fail

I just posted the article Pirates lurk for new Windows 8 RTM activation tricks now KMS / MAK methods fail.

Software pirates are discussing new methods of activating Windows 8, here is an overview what is tried, what works and what doesn’t work.

Click to read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/pirates-lurk-for-new-windows-8-rtm-activation-tricks-now-kms-mak-methods-fail-63366/](http://www.myce.com/news/pirates-lurk-for-new-windows-8-rtm-activation-tricks-now-kms-mak-methods-fail-63366/)

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To Quote Shakespear;
“Much ado about nothing”.

I think I’ll let the guinea pigs squal for about a year before I even think about it…
My computer is already a multimedia mecca… and software like XMBC push in metro-like functions already…

Pirates lurk for new Windows 8 RTM activation tricks
now KMS / MAK methods fail

i guess that we will always be called pirates ?
" Here at Myce.com we’re currently monitoring pirate activity on Windows 8. "

i for one , still remember when these copy-right owners
all went to court and testified before congress ?

to stop the ILLEGAL VCR , which could copy and reproduce
protected media that was broad cast over public TV .

especially major league sports events .
remember " it is illegal , under penalty of law ,
to copy , reproduce or re-broad cast this event ,
in any way " .

they couldn’t stop the VCR , or the DVD burner .

and perhaps one day , they will give up on
stopping digital down-loads ??

but back to this article .

" But for most of the downloaders Windows 8 is just a harddisk filler as all activation methods that were available for a short time have vanished. "

not being a code writer , so there fore not a true hacker ?
i depend on tid-bits of information found on blog sites .

each bit , is a piece of the puzzle .
some have more of this puzzle .
while i surly have less .
" Now pirates are actively searching for new ways of activating their Windows 8 RTM download. "

all it takes is just [ 1 ] ACTIVATED copy to be shared .
that activated copy can be cloned un-limited times .

and clones can be sacrificed to TEST , re-activation methods .
MICROSOFT PHONE activation has already given me
[ 3 ] activations .

and i have already produced my clones .

" Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice, which means Google has removed pages from the results that contain content that Microsoft is objecting to. "
and these annoying notices by Google .
and blocking access to web sites .
they are little more than just annoying .

unless these sites are actually shut down .
there are many more options than Google .

just to name one , DuckDuckGo will give
me access to Google’s blocked sites .

" So far only Technet and MSDN subscribers are the only ones who are able to activate their computer normally, so Microsoft’s anti-piracy efforts have been successful. "

none of these KMS sites worked for me .
though many around the world claimed
success .
before these sites were shut down .

" Also Myce, which does not condone nor facilitates Windows 8 piracy but does report on it "

yes , Microsoft’s newer security features ,
have put a hurt on un-authorized activations .

not only that , but windows 8 it’s self is a
more secure product .

than the VISTA based , windows 7 ever was ?

the word out on the blogs and the torrent sites .
is that the REAL hackers are playing it close to
their vest ?

they are waiting to see if Microsoft has any more
activation tricks , hiding up it’s sleeve ?

just as ONE-CLICK activators were written for windows 7 .

they are as we speak , also being written for windows 8 .
these activators will probably be a happy new year’s
present for Microsoft .