Pirates download PC game 'Witcher 2' over 4 million times



Pirates download PC game ‘Witcher 2’ over 4 million times.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/12/4dOLw1.jpg[/newsimage]Digital Rights Management is often thought as the best answer to the question of PC game piracy. CD Projekt, creator of the popular "Witcher" series, disagrees. The studio revealed in an interview this week that despite its latest game "Witcher 2" being pirated some 4.5 million times, it has no plans to change its tune on the controversial anti-piracy measure.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/pirates-download-pc-game-witcher-2-over-4-million-times-55301/](http://www.myce.com/news/pirates-download-pc-game-witcher-2-over-4-million-times-55301/)

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Sounds like how the RIAA does their calculations …

What we did was:

  • take the number of torrent downloads as reported on the counter shown on a popular torrent index server at the end of the first quarter of a day that it was released on the torrent site
  • multiply that by 50 years (which is the maximum number of years we’re given copyright),
  • then multiply that by the number of websites on the internet (estimated by google),
  • then multiply that by every possible IPV6 address,
  • multiplied by every possible IPv4 IP address,
  • multiplied by 254x254 (because that’s the possible number of internal network IPv4 addresses hiding behind any external IP address),
  • multiplied by 4.4 (2 adults + average 2.4 children),
  • multiplied by the sum of the (estimated) number of writeable cd’s, dvd’s, blurays, video tapes, flash thumb drives, hard disk drives, ssd’s, ipods, ipads, mobile phones, tablets, Desktop Computers, Laptops, netbooks, workstations, servers, removable storage cards, floppy disks, punch cards and etch-a-sketches, Amazon/Google/Dropbox/etc virtual PC subscriptions,
  • multiplied it by an index formula to account for the interest rate & monetary compounding over the 50years,
  • then multiplied by a 1000% “fudge factor” to account for anything which we haven’t monitored or have accidentally excluded
  • then multiplied by the “Just Released” price of the super dooper special edition gold coated bluray with ivory adornment and free jar of Dodo pate, in the most expensive country in the world (Australia),
  • multiplied by 15 (standard edition, platinum edition, directors cut, extended cut, uncensored cut, extended directors cut, collectors edition, special edition, special collectors edition, re-digitised special edition, limited edition, numbered edition, uncut edition, special limited edition, collectors limited edition with random critically endangered species animal stuffed with reclaimed carbon, recovered CFC and asbestos fibres)
  • multiplied by 2 for all of the previous issues, except in 3D

and that’s how we extrapolate our damages due to piracy :wink: