Pirates chip off the old Bloc



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The latest survey from the BSA claims the European software industry is still struggling to contain the problem of software piracy. The survey found that in 2000, for the first time in six years,…

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Doesn’t that say something about the price of software. If the price was more reasonable, people would be more willing to pay for the software they are otherwise just going to obtain. Most software that is pirated would not be bought by those who pirate it anyway. Really, who would pay £700 for Photoshop? or £500 for Office? All very well if you are a business maybe.


The people who should be paying for the big name software are paying for it. And it doesn’t hamper development or progress. Some of the best software is open source. As always they’re talking a load of crap. Small little programs designed for the home user should be DONATED towards. Forced purchasing isn’t even necessary and it should all be open source so everyone can contribute to developing it and adding new features. Paying for software is one of the problems with it. The companies that charge are all too scared to release their source code because it means they wont be able to charge. As a result it’s only ever developed by the one person/team/company and so it never rises to it’s true potential. Look at LAME. Open source and the best. Linux, same!


Look, I’m not saying that I myself don’t get pirated software as well, but let’s be real here people. Pirating software is stealing. To say that pirating software would decrease if software prices was more affordable maybe true, but this is a capitalistic society that we live in (most of us anyways). In a capitalistic society, it comes down to supply and demand. These companies that determine what they want to charge, and if you the consumer are willing to buy it, then you will pay for it, if not, you won’t or you will buy an alternative product. There are alternative products out there to Photoshop or Office which cost less. That’s like saying, well I’m going to go steal a Porche because I like all the extra features and options that it has versus a Chevy Camero, but the Porche cost to much. Please, let’s be honest with ourselves and call it what it is, stealing. Yes, I do it too, and I don’t try to justify with excuses.


Fuck you bane, what the fuck do you know. Listen up lame ass. WE ALL KNOW HOW CHEAPS CD’S ARE, AS LOW A 28PENCE UK RATE, COMPANIES WILL PAY EVEN LESS, IF THE PRICE OF SOFTWARE WAS BOUGHT DOWN TO A MORE REASONABLE PRICE, THEN YES WE WOULD ALL GO OUT AN BUT GAMES. YOU MUST BE A RICH BASTARD IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO BUY ALL YOUR SOFTWARE! AND AS FOR YOU NOT OWNING ANY PIRATE SOFTWARE, DO YOU THINK WE ARE ALL STUPID AT CDFREAKS, JUST PISS OFF AND KEEP YER MOUTH SHUT, I rest my case no offence to anyone else, and apologies upfront to the cdfreaks moderators :slight_smile: This guy just pissed me off with his bullshit, he may even be the BSA himself, well Mr go hang yerself you wanker :8 and do us all a favour. If you wanna track me down I will be quite willing to knock yer fucking block you ignorant bastard. Don’t post on CDFreaks again please, your not welcome here anymore :+


MY my pirating software is stealing, which part of the BSA do you work for, or which Police Division, maby you even went to grammer school


Interceptor, you’re such and idiot. Read my post be for you go jacking off with your mouth. I said that I pirate some software too. You think that the only cost of a program is the cost of the blank cd that it’s copied to? Have you ever heard of overhead costs such as development costs, marketing and distribution costs? Maybe you should take a class in economics or accounting before you go shooting off your mouth. You come off sounding like an ignorant fool. Yeah, I’ll copy programs to try it out, but if I find that I like the software or I use it on a regular basis, I’ll go buy it. The developers deserve the money and my support. Without it, they have no incentive to continue making the programs. That’s called CAPITALISM, if you haven’t heard of it before. Answer this question Interceptor. In my example of the Porche and Chevy Camero, if you couldn’t afford to get the Porche or didn’t want to pay for it because you think Porche charges to much for its product, does that mean it’s ok for you to steal it because they charge more their product than their competitor? If you can say “YES” then I guess copying software is not stealing. Bottom line is, if you don’t own the product or item, but you go out and obtain it illegally, that is without paying for it, it’s called stealing. As I said before, I steal when I pirate software. I just don’t try to make excuses about it. I don’t go around saying “it’s ok to copy the software because the software companies are charging to much for the programs.”


Bane: I fully agree with ya. Pirating software is stealing(and just so Interceptor doesn’t go running his ignorant mouth off about me, YES I PIRATE TOO) and if you do it don’t try to cover it up and call it by something else. I myself am here cause I wanna know how to copy shit and to get the latest dirt from the scene, but i do it without being an asshole(and i even disagree with people here sometimes). But from what i can see, some just cant voice there opinions without being complete assholes.


Well Well I used to work on an MRPS system Manufacturing resource planning system, so dont try and tall too me about overheads, I am probably a little older and a littler wiser in the ways of the world than you, I have friends in high places, but I don’t go and blab too them because my mates choose to make backup copies of the software they get. Too steal something is to like breaking walking into a supermarket and putting unpaid for goods in your pocket. When you pirate sofware as you so call it, how can it be a crime if you are given it for nothing. Once that company has sold a product to an individual, it is up to themselves what they choose to do with it, after they paid for it. Yes but CDFreaks wasn’t designed to promote piracy, how many links do you see to download warez? None because the moderators have their heads screwed on, and know full well that this and other sites are monitored on a daily basis for such activities. By saying openly you pirate software you are telling FAST your activies. (They can trace you no problem) Now that is what I call plain stupidity. Believe it or not I actually purchased a full legal licensed copy of Windows ME, and even registered it with Microsoft, so they have my details on their database, and therefor I will never get a visit for using a backup copy.


You’re absolutely right about the owner of a purchased software should be able to do with it as he/she pleases. If they want to make a backup copy, they should have every right to. In the original article, they talk about “piracy”, which implies that people are making copies of the software and then either selling them to other people or people are getting the software for free by copying them from others. Technically, by the letter of terms of sale on most software, when you buy the software, you agree to only install the product on a single workstation at a time, unless you purchase a multiuser license. At the time when you purchase/install the software, you agree to it, if you don’t then you should return the software. By agreeing to it, you technically are in a legal contract with the software company. If you decide to install the software and use it on multiple machines without buying additional copies or buying a multiuser license, then you’re pirating/stealing. As I said, I have no problem with “backing-up” a legally purchased software product. The value of the software is the program, not the media that contains it. I as the consumer should have the right to protect the software by making an archive copy of the purchased software.


You most certainly have, thanks for the decent reply :7