Pirates BWA



I’m looking for a good BWA for Pirates! I can’t get a good one myself.


What goes wrong? Are you using the BlindWrite 5 BWA builder? If youre not registered then you can’t use it. Try at a different speed (eg 4x/8x). It probably would of been on Portmacs site but as it was trashed a while ago BWAs no longer exist there :(.


Can’t get a good curve and even with my crappy BWA i get a recording procedure failed in 120%.


Try reading from a different unit?


Did and tried burning with different. Same result. My burners work fine with others. 3500a and 2500 and a Lite-on 167T


I have a 100% BWA, DOWNLOAD HERE

  • Ben :slight_smile:


THANKS! It was my BWA causing the problems. Thanks. How do you make your BWA so good. BB5 won’t let me change the speed and I can get ok BWA’s just not great ones.


I have a good reader, I find my Lite-On is best for reading BWA’s, nearly allways gettng a 100% BWA, My ASUS gets 98-99%, and my Plextor Premium get around 97%.

Anyway, does it work ok now? I take it you are using the TwinPeak method.

Ben :slight_smile:


Yeap it works great and yes Twinpeak. Best I can get is 97% and for some reason when i applied it. It wouldn’t burn.


Are you sure you are using TwinPeak properly?


Yeap because when I used his BWA the image worked fine. But with mine it cause an error while burning.


Thanks for hosting this BWA :slight_smile: