Pirates are getting more creative

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/pirates-getting-creative-82502/

Since the traditional torrent sites have been under siege from media companies, those who engage in piracy have become increasingly inventive in their file sharing schemes. Cloud storage sites, especially Google Drive, have become more popular venues for piracy. Just last month, there were five thousand DMCA requests to remove infringing files on Google Drive.…

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Really and I am not surprised??? Wow this must be a epiphany right… NOT…

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I’m not sure placing copyright-infringing files on “cloud drives” (I don’t like using the term “cloud” to describe online services) is really all that “creative”. If anything, it seems rather old-school to me. Does anyone remember RapidShare? That site used to be full of illegal movies, music, software activation cracks, etc. Technologically speaking, Google Drive is basicallythe same thing.

Its creative because they are not putting the infringing files in storage sites. Just the links, which go to videos on Youtube, where they should normally be removed quickly, but are “hiding” in plain sight.

I guess that’s true. They’re not using GDrive for storing the files themselves, just the links to the YouTube pages. You win 5 points.

If anyone is wondering what these"points" are, well… Welcome to my brain, where everything’s made up, and the points don’t matter.

You know they are , but so are the ones tracking them.
They are planting worms,and hidden encryptions in the
torrents to track them. So the pirates while inventive
better watch out. Improvements in technology are
catching up to them.

How long has this been going on? Might want to ask yourself that question-pirates aren’t going anywhere soon. So this fantasy story will only get bitten back by pirates. Improving tech…ya that’s a load of BS that has done “0” effort to show for it. If it did why do pirates and pirate sites and torrent sites exist and new one keep coming? You “improvements in tech” rings hollow here.