Pirated Music Crackdown...at the Airport?



Ah, airport security. It’s all about keeping our skies safe from weapons, dangerous chemicals – and now, possibly pirated music.

Link: http://blogs.pcworld.com/staffblog/archives/007358.html



[QUOTE=platinumsword;2103383]Link: http://blogs.pcworld.com/staffblog/archives/007358.html


This is why I don’t fly. :cop::cop:


While I know there’s a grey area in some downloading of music.
As I told the CAPTAIN, in his question of downloading the music
torrent that crashed his computer. I have to go with the airline
because,some of the torrents are illegal.
Get over it.


I think you may have missed the main point of the story. Most here are quite aware of what’s legal and what’s illegal and there are grey areas. But at some point a line must be drawn in the sand to where people’s personal freedoms are respected or it will be a police state before we known it. Gathering from your point of view, people are guilty until proven innocent. I think not, it’s innocent until proven guilty.



I think the issue will be if it (the music is stored via (ITunes) Rhapsody etc…) or if it is just on the hdd. If it is just on the hdd then it will be spotted as piracy I think.


You have a point. So I say let the courts sort it out
Enjoy zap.


i can’t say i’d be keen on anyone checking the files on my computer or mp3 player - and i don’t have pirated tracks on either…


Marvelous, just marvelous.
Since I live in the U.S., I’ll speak to that.
First off, what the hell does pirated music have to do with airport security?

The TSA is responsible for airport security. Unfortunately, it is little more than a spot check, mickey mouse system. The Federal Government has investigated airport security on a number of occasions. Uniformly, the results have been abysmal.
As was widely publicized, in 2005-2006, Federal Government investigators attempted to smuggle fake bombs, bomb components and weapons through 3 very busy airports.

“The TSA conducted about 70 tests in Los Angeles, 75 in Chicago and 145 in San Francisco”.

“Investigators successfully smuggled 75 percent of the fake bombs through checkpoints at Los Angeles International Airport in California, and 60 percent through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in Illinois, according to a report obtained by USA Today. In tests at California’s San Francisco International Airport, where a private company conducts inspections, 20 percent of the contraband made it through security.”

I can see it now…
"Hey kid, you got any pirated music…you know kid, that makes you a dangerous criminal.
And you sir, yeah, you with the wire hanging out of your laptop…never mind the bomb…you can go right ahead and board. I’m busy here with the 14 year old criminal that’s a threat to airport security…errh, how’s that again???

I guess they’re hoping to improve their numbers by gathering personal information from you and me. Well, I feel safer, how about you?
Perhaps, the TSA should concentrate on security and not copyright infringement…just a random thought here.

And I totally agree with Platinum Sword…innocent until proven guilty.
Yeah, I know there’s a lot wrong with our legal system, but when I look around the world…yeah, I think I’ll go with the so-called free societies.

Disney World uses biometric scanners and park pass readers. The purpose is to keep track of legitmate customers and not to obtain personal information.
The U.S. Federal Government relies on people walking through metal detectors and screening baggage in XR machines. Oh, and let’s not forget those "randomized "spot checks… thank goodness it nabbed the 14 y.o. criminal.

I don’t have the data on Disney’s security system, but I’m betting it beat the hell out of the TSA.

Honestly, it looks like Mickey Mouse may be more at home in the U.S. airports than at Disney World…:rolleyes:


I agree with your point that pirated music isn’t really a matter of
national security. I was just saying that if they catch you doing it
on a plane,that maybe there’s a grey area there. However if they
just grab your laptop and say we want to check your files without
probable cause then PLATINMSWORD is right ,and so are you that
airport officials have violated our rights.
Enjoy ZAP.


But to what extent are they actually able to detect music that has been pirated.
Look at it this way. If its big name, it’ll be hosted on iTunes, Zune network, etc. right? Anything it doesn’t know you could say is your friends band…
I don’t mean to brag, but I do cover my d’load tracks pretty well.
Anywho… if you do now how they can detect it I’m interested to know how.


The only way would be if a marshall [which they have brought
back on planes since 9/11] knows about the site and happens to
glance at your p.c. and web-site,or some snitch sitting by you
reports it.


[quote=zap em;2105756]HAX,
The only way would be if a marshall [which they have brought
back on planes since 9/11] knows about the site and happens to
glance at your p.c. and web-site,or some snitch sitting by you
reports it.

Ya, but couldn’t you just as easily remove all traces that you ever visit those sites?


A full format and re-install? Then what about traces in your hot/yahoo/g-mail/IM accounts? Logs from your ISP? And it’s often pretty easy to tell a download from a store bought (I mean who would buy 128 Kbs MP3s with faulty tags, anyway?)


You make a good point, but there are a lot of 320 kbs d’loads available. And its very easy to get a temp email address.