Pirated movies and software swamp Pakistan markets

I just posted the article Pirated movies and software swamp Pakistan markets.

The IIPA (International Intellectual Property
Alliance) has ranked Pakistan as one of the world’s
largest producers of pirated CDs and other optical discs for export in both 2001

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5941-Pirated-movies-and-software-swamp-Pakistan-markets.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5941-Pirated-movies-and-software-swamp-Pakistan-markets.html)

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I am a Pakistani living in europe. I frequently travel to Pakistan to meet family etc… and the market is swamped with pirate copies of everything, not juct CD’s but even soft drinks like pepsi and so on the locals know its a pirate copy and refer to them as “Number 2” and generally try to avoid them but when it comes to software they dont have a choice. An average person middle class person will earn around (rupees = Rs.) Rs. 5000 a month. Most of the population is involved in agriculture so lets say have a disposable income of around Rs.2-3000 a month. They would be spending a whole years of earnings to buy a genuine copy of MS Office. They find it hard enough to buy a pirated copy. How IIPA/RIAA caluclate lost revenues is beyond me. If someone bought a pirated copy of a game/movie doesnt mean they where going to buy the original. I think they base thier figures on the assumption that pirated cd’s are being sold as genuine copys to consumers who are being ripped off but we all know thats not the case its economics involved.

go to Thiland and you will not see any thing original . you can find every thing not just CD even DVD’s and you can choose DVD 9 or DVD 5. also Syria is one of biggest country with pirated Music. you will find a shop in every street. these country are so poor and they can’t buy pirated CD and you want them to buy original …

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As an American, I wonder how much stuff costs people around the world. Coke & Pepsi, Software. TVs, DVD players, Computers. Any web pages that track this kind of things? I did a few searches on google and found nothing.

Sorti, check this out: http://europe.tiscali.se/business/watchdog/200305/surveys.html As the Euro is pretty much the same value as a Dollar, you might be surprised how much Europeans already pay… and start thinking you’re really well off afterall. This is just another example of “Rip-Off Britain” (Type that in Google and you’ll find plenty): http://uk.pricerunner.com/Display.jsp?name=pressrelease29 :S
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in the middle east coke & pepsi software are very very cheap but other electronic things are expensive. one thing you have to remember there is no TAX in the arabian/muslim country. in my country Pepsi is 0.26666.U$ and coke less than quarter . in my country one CD cost 2.U$ software or game/with crack. DVD 5 with silver dye for 1.8U$ DVD 5 with gold dye for 3U$ DVD 9 with gold dye for 4.5U$ these prices of DVD are from Thailand and other near country. and in syria the music CD 1:1 copy is for 1U$ only …