Pirated Harry Potter DVD debuts in Malaysia at $3

I just posted the article Pirated Harry Potter DVD debuts in Malaysia at $3.

Oh wonderful irony. The same weekend Harry Potter debuted in theatres worldwide, people were already selling pirated DVDs on the streets. Of course quality isn’t really good and for the same price…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4904-Pirated-Harry-Potter-DVD-debuts-in-Malaysia-at-3.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4904-Pirated-Harry-Potter-DVD-debuts-in-Malaysia-at-3.html)

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for the same price you can see it in the cinema

apparently in Malaysia the price of movie theatures is $3, anywhere else in the world it’s pusing (or already passed) the 2 digit mark. Funny, if the movies are that cheap, that they still have a shit load of piracy going on. Maybe the person is wrong about the price of admission to the movie?

³$ is ³€ the cinema price is here 7€ * 3 person is 21€ + drink and popcorn 30€. hmhm 3€ for a DVD:) so 3€ at home + drink and popcorn:9 is 5€:4:4:4

You know what f*ck hollywood, they should know that either way they will watch the movie in the theatre and buy the pir8 DVD for novelty purposes. Last time I checked I don’t see people going to their buddies house to watch a very bad copy of a movie unless if they were a) drunk or b) high. Either way they end up making their money @ the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

3$ ,ha ha ha You can buy @ VietNam just 2 Canada Dollar :d (about 1.5 USD or 1.4 € Malaysian will cry :c when they know :9 (j/k :slight_smile:

Why don’t they just stop playing Hollywood movies in these pirate countries? Simple as that. No movie=no piracy!