Pirate versions of American Pie 2 hit the Net

I just posted the article Pirate versions of American Pie 2 hit the Net.

Yahoo reports that American Pie 2, the movie that has not even been officially released in the States, can be found on the file-sharing network Hot Line. The file is encoded in DivX ;-), so get it…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2227-Pirate-versions-of-American-Pie-2-hit-the-Net.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2227-Pirate-versions-of-American-Pie-2-hit-the-Net.html)

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Hehehe the napster witch hunt backfires now and the piracy thing is getting bigger TNX :4

Ive had this movie for over a year now, got it from my mates brother. Its a Pre-Screening release. Its about girls wanting to orgasm!

A year ago they were still shooting it so that’s impossible

no my mate had a version of american pie 2 over a year ago, he said it was from the girls point of view. not sure what this is gonna be then must be the final, worth a look anyway thx

oh, anyone know were to find some good hotline servers?? havent used that program in ages

Yeah, Which server would it be on?

Does any one else have a problem using hotline. I can install but i can’t even enter a users name. causes it seems to crash and i have to reload.

this is a fake! go to www.isonews.com and search american pie 2 there you will see American Pie 2 LIMITED FAKE

The version American Pie 2 which came out last year is a fake, it is actually a movie called Coming Soon. As to whether the real one is being distributed now I don’t know. A lot of VCDs released are fakes, e.g. The Matrix 2.

KNX radio station here in hollywood reported this story as true and said Universal is up in arms and will persue Hotline with the full extent of the law. I say they should download the movie before they report to back it up as fact, instead they reported on a fake movie, this awsome, urban legend internet style.

whats the server on Hotline so i can take a look at this? whats the password if there is any? E-mail me if you dont want to post it here shovmyfist@excite.com

There is search engine for Hotline at Hotline HQ here’s the link http://www.hotlinehq.com/search.html :7