Pirate us plenty, Please!



I just posted the article Pirate us plenty, Please!.

The record industry in China has come to the situation the US and European fear, their music is almost not sold legally. Almost all Chinese people are listening to pirated music (95%). The solution:…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2027-Pirate-us-plenty-Please.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2027-Pirate-us-plenty-Please.html)

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Certainly think music producers should use the singles for promotional usage only. They are only 5% of the total revenue. If people would get singles for free more people will listen to their music and more people will buy the legal full CD.


I think the future will be that CDR prices will get a lot more expensive (like 5-10$ a piece), and the music will be downloadable from the internet. If all those record companies got a percent of the CD media market then, they could get back from where it began (when there was no copying). Ofcourse, I don’t want to pay 5$ for 700MB ! I download almost 3-5 times more a day, so I would need an extra job just for “backing up” :slight_smile:


no way! they just keep getting cheaper in the uk! :7


CD Media will never go to $5 - $20 dollars because although a lot of people do use it for copying music it’s also used a lot for backing up files, distributing catalogues, distributing samples of different things etc. All of which are legal uses for it. Although the music industry likes to try to argue that they’re only used for copying music they’re not and so they will never be able to charge for them what they charge for a fully pressed CD. Anyway - the UK even said it wouldn’t add on ANY tax to CD’s to help the music industry so we’re doing fine! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, and I think this is a pretty smart idea from that guy. He’s gone a bit too far but the overall idea of it is smart and is being creative in trying to deal with piracy. He’s trying to fight it by being smart rather than using lawsuits which I like a lot.