Pirate DVD factory in UK may have funded organised crime

I just posted the article Pirate DVD factory in UK may have funded organised crime.

Thanks to the quick thinking of a steet warden, a major pirate DVD factory was discovered, inside a home in Haringey. Whilst passing by what would appear to be a normal private dwelling, …

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10008-Pirate-DVD-factory-in-UK-may-have-funded-organised-crime.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10008-Pirate-DVD-factory-in-UK-may-have-funded-organised-crime.html)

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Uk authorities always try and tie dvd piracy to some sort of other illegal activity, otherwise it just doesn’t seem newsworthy enough. snap55

Wow well done to the warden !!! just think of all that organised street crime in London you have stopped NOT hahahaha The Magic Roundabout thats like well old now. well done you cought a average joe…

Man reading the article, man the numbers cited are well and truly up the creek, volume indicated would mean this house must have been one huge mansion the size of one large warehouse, with commercial grade heavy duty electrical wiring. That block warden, would have been welcomed as an entrant for spy of the month by the “NKVD” (stalin’s secret police forerunner to the KGB)

“We also found boxes and boxes of DVD labels…” Who even uses labels on DVD’s with printables a plenty these days? I’m sure most of this junk is just plain made up it’s so laughable! “…and as the sergeant claims, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.” They will be saying they found copies of Titanic there next! rotfpml :B :stuck_out_tongue:

Screw the Chinese m,im tired of them stealing from us homeland pirates. Enough is enough

wow now we got wardens doing the police work for us wonder which donut shop the local filth was in at least one thing should be noted from this who get’s hurt through a copy of a film except the big movie companies i mean come on a guy with a prtable dvd player sat next to a junkie who would you go and sit next to ho and well im at it i think movie stars are not worth the stuoid money the get :frowning:

Heh I just happened to think, if all this organised crime crap is true-I bet the street warden wished he could have been left out of the story. :d

CORRSA: without movie stars there wouldnt be movies dim shit since when were football players worth millions, you buy a ticket to watch them dont you, or do you make a copy.

Why does organised crime need to be funded? I thought it was there to make money.

“We believe the DVD trade has similarities with the selling of street cocaine”…I think not ya pommie clot, I don’t see itchy and scratchy down on the corner getting their DVD fix or ambos’ called out 'cos someone had a DVD OD…quit the sensationalism ya sherrif of noddyham… :X

Now tinku, you haven’t been paying attention in class again. I’ll start with your opening sentence: “CORRSA: without movie stars there wouldnt be movies dim shit” Tut tut. Your spelling and grammar here is abysmal. Can anyone else in the class tell me what is wrong here? Yes, you at the back. That’s right, a colon was used after CORSSA when a semicolon was most appropriate. Any one else? Yes, no apostrophe in “wouldn’t”. And of course, the remainder of the sentence would suggest that there is such an entity as “movies dim shit”, which I’m sure many of you would agree with. No laughing in class. Okay now, settle down. Apart from the lack of a capital letter to start the next paragraph, tinku goes on to make a statement regarding the worth of footballers. A simple question mark at the end of this sentence would have made all the difference. And, tinku, if you had paid attention in history class as well, you would have known that the first £1million footballer was Trevor Francis, transferred from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest on February 9th 1979. The current World Record transfer fee stands at £46million paid to Juventus by Real Madrid for Zinedine Zidane in 2001. The question, however, and following questions (all without question marks) are rhetorical and are not in the least a valid analogy with the subject under discussion. If I could award an “F-” for this paper, boy, I would do so. Unfortunately I cannot, so a simple F will have to do. Keep up this shodiness in your end of term exam and you’ll be moved to remedial class. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you in class.

I thought the organised crime or the organised sin was dune by Eve in the garden of Eden? and when we die we all will be forgiven:)