Pirate CD sales hit record high

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      The BBC has reported that the number of pirated cd's has hit a record high at 1.1  billion discs a year, though piracy has slowed according to a report.  The  IFPI...
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Not surprising really, there seems to be a trend for people to drive round or walk round and sell pirated material to folks in office and on building sites. Last night when I arrived to play golf I found a group of fellow golfers gathered round a chap in a white van selling pirated CDDVDs from said van. I was quite surprised I have to say since the club does have security on the front gate, and I’m quite sure the club would not approve such goings on. Needless to say I didn’t (and wouldn’t) buy anything from him since if I really wanted to pirate stuff I’d do it myself. Sadly those selling this material create a real problem for the movie studios and record co.s and of course for those making backup copies of material they own. With hindsight I should have maybe taken the van reg and passed the details to the police. But there again there maybe a speeding ticket in the post for me within the next week or so, so why should I do the police any favours…

Happened to me yesterday! Walking past local Bakers (actually going next door to buy some labels at the Stationers) and spotted a chinese guy with a display binder full of covers (shrek 2 I saw) which he was showing/offering to the customers in the Bakers itself. I hear sometimes here (UK) they are made to do this to pay back the “people traders” here in the UK (they are illegals), if this is true or not I don’t know but it’s getting quite blatant out there. Friend of mine has even had guys knocking on his front door offering DVD movies (usually poor copies but decent covers).

Every time the record industry goes on a hissy-fit, it makes you wonder where they get all their numbers. I’d be very interested to see how they come up at such an amount of losses. Of course, my personal guess is that they are pulled out from a certain body cavity of a corrupt industry executive.

Let’s think about this: Who put this report out? The IFPI. Who makes up the IFPI? Recording companies. Big surprise. How did the report come up with these numbers? No news article I’ve found (including the Press Release on the IFP’s website) will say. (Why do all news articles just say “a report” and not “a report from the IFPI, which is made up of recording companies who have a vested stake in its outcome”?) So, once again, we’ve got the recording industry [B]making up numbers[/B] about how much they’ve lost and how governments should do something about it.
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Yep, that’s what i was about to say. I always wondered how one can make a precise and continuous statistical annalysis from a black market. And sell it as trustworthy.

I really hate people who sell pirate stuff, now ill be honest, i do copy the odd cd or game for my friends once in a while but walking round the street showing strangers (and probibly police) is wrong and incredibly stuped. I live in a village in the UK so i dont have many encounters with pirates, however, i bought office 2003 of eBay and (yes i was aware it was likely to be pirate) anyway the guy who sold it the service was awfull and came in a folded up piece of A4 paper, supprisingly it worked. Feeling mean at the time i emailed him asking for a refund at which point i recived abuse back. from a internet cafe computer i repoted him to the BSA (Business Software Alliance, www.bsa.org) and then used a fake mailer to email him from them telling him to remove all listings within 24 hours or face legal action, i noticed all his listing had been removed the next day:B, ut i never got my refund:(, i have nothin agaist “casual piracy” but people who sell it really piss me off. however the imigrants who do it i have some simpathy with as UK copyright laws are probibly not the thing top of there list of priorities:B. ps. does Gristy McFisty sumbit more news than CDFreaks themselfs loads of artivles say at teh begining “Gristy McFisty used are news sumbit to tlol us”, keep up the good work gristy!:g

lamers , lamers , lamers lamers …

So basically you’re saying that you hate people who sell illegal software, but that you bought illegal software and then reported the person who was selling it when he didn’t give you your money back? Hypocrite.

If prices of legit software were closer to what the pirates are offering, chances are people would rather get the legit software.

I was in Madrid, and there it’s called the “top blanket” because illegal inmigrants have the CDs exposed on a blanket on the ground, with 2 ropes on corss attached to the corners. When the poice comes they just grab the rope so the blanket is like a bag, and they ran away. There’s no way the goverment does anything about that. The illegal inmigrants have nothing to loose, since if they are caught they will get their asses kicked anyway.

I think that all the time company’s are charging over the top prices for software e.g AutoCAD 2005 at £879 I would rather download it and crack it than buy it.