Piracy to shift from downloads to streaming content



Hollywood’s going to have another headache in 2009: Piracy will begin to transition away from downloads to streaming content.


Are you ready for the transition?


Alrighty … I’m stocking up on big HDD’s :wink:

Piracy will not be a problem in .au for many years, as the current network infrastructure is so slow, that only 1%* of the population could possibly stream content - off peak, before maxxing out the available bandwidth.

*Note:This figure was based on research from the schoold of “what some bloke told me in a pub”. Any resemblance to actual research is unintentional and purely coincidental. :iagree:


Best. Source. Ever. :slight_smile:


I foresee … the proliferation of programs for Video Stream ripping … in the near future.

It’s amazing how fast the future turns up …


They can’t seem to kick the dead cow more and more…their way of business is going extinct. All they have to do is stop their own greed and work to make it less DRM and they will have more business. There own actions are making them lose and lose more customers everyday to the pirates.