Piracy set to hit global music sales - new forecasts

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According to a recent research, global music sales are likely to fall more than 7 per cent to $31.1bn this year and this is the lowest level since the mid-1990s. It also predicts that sales of CDs,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4858-Piracy-set-to-hit-global-music-sales----new-forecasts.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4858-Piracy-set-to-hit-global-music-sales----new-forecasts.html)

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I’d say that sales are also falling due to fixing & raising prices and implementing anti-copy measures on CDs. Fixed prices discourage low income user, especially students. Anti-copy measures put customers off as they are restriced on where to play their CDs. The majority of people I know who listen to music mainly listen to their CDs in the Car, but unfortunately some car stereos cannot handle copy protected CDs.

Is it just me or is copy protection a lot like writing a book and trying to find a way to keep the reader from writing it down on another piece of paper.

Why buy music when you can just download it for free? Copying and stealing are 2 different things and the sooner the record industry realizes this, the easier things will be.

Why do they have to be two different things. Can’t we just say download copyrighted stuff is illegal and just simply not give a damn, and do it anyway.

mmm zpain in the top ten?¿?.. we must be doing something wrong… eerrrrr we want a medal or sumthin…we r definitevly underperforming :4 oh btw they lie, the other day they said (on tv) that the % was between 25 and 35 % and also said they pointed 35% because their investigation was so crapy that they couldnt determine it exactly

I’m sooo tired of hearing how piracy is the reason for the slump in music sales. What about the 160 channels of cable tv I watch, or the fact that I surf the web with a broadband connection these days? I don’t buy music anymore because I’m too busy surfing to the CD Freaks website!