Piracy is Wrong!

Well, I’ll start downloading even more now :slight_smile:

This is one cool propaganda !

Have any more of those flyers ?

This one is old…have seen it before, like over a year ago at least…

Don’t think I have to explain on how I feel about illegal activities :wink:

cool flyer but i think the part of downloading communism is bullshit and doesn’t make sence.

Yes, I agree! Piracy is very wrong. We are all bad people and need to be punished severely, preferably by a nice female cop. :o

Check this sound file: http://www.mikeyshouse.com/images/Sounds/cuffed.wav

And furthermore, I will stop downloading Lord Of The Rings immediately! Not… :stuck_out_tongue:
Come on, if I record a movie from the t.v. is that piracy too?
Dvd’s are too expensive. They’re cheaper to produce than a VHS tape.

As for games and apps, well I got a lot of originals (Homeworld, Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island). They’re worth the money. But Win XP and Office Xp are way overpriced, so I got them from Kazaa. :slight_smile:

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Olli, I live in Canada but i cant seem to find the amp weak sectors option, Where is it??

So…you’re against piracy,dude?LMAO

No man, I won’t lie, I got a few ISOz. :wink:
But some games (adventure games) I like to buy original. Just to support the industry a little. :smiley:

And most apps are to expensive to buy original like Photoshop, Windows XP, Office XP so I leech them. :smiley:

Originally posted by RangerDulann
And most apps are to expensive to buy original like Photoshop, Windows XP, Office XP so I leech them. :smiley:

Please, keep your illegal activities somewhere else, don’t bring it over here.

personally I own Photoshop, Win2k, Office XP and a lot of other programs I think are worth buying…

I think that everybody should buy software. The problem is with most software that you have to pay for a lot of functionality that you will never use. Like Cooledit pro wich I only use for cleaning up old records ( US$ 400 is to much for me for just a hobby and my 50 records)
When I look at the burning program I use to burn my audio (Nero) I bought it, price against the quality of the program satisfies me

personally I own Photoshop, Win2k, Office XP

Photoshop 6.0 full version: €759.00
Win2k: €226.00
Office XP: €331.75
Total: €1316.75

Worth buying? I agree. Worth shelling out €1316.75 for it? I think not. Maybe ‘suits’ with a fat paycheck can afford it, but where’s a poor student suppose to get that kind of cash? Rob a bank? :o

Originally posted by RangerDulann

Maybe ‘suits’ with a fat paycheck can afford it, but where’s a poor student suppose to get that kind of cash? Rob a bank? :o

Ok, wear suits these days :wink:

But many software packages have special student licenses, then it becomes a whole lot more affordable. Photoshop is on a student license still (also still a student)…

Well, Im glad some of you thought it was funny heh, If i had known it was old i wouldnt of posted it. G’day mate :cool:

i don’t have any pirated but i am not really against.
who does it affect? a few billion more $'s for bill gates…get real

I know piracy is supposedly wrong, but it is the industry has to take some blame. How can you justify charging 700 dollars for a program. Or simpler, charging 50 dollars for a program that you are going to use for about 3 weeks. It is rediculous that these people then complain about the games being pirated. Most people dont have the sort of money needed to buy every game they want. 40 dollars or free is not a hard choice to make. Personally, the last time I bought a program was back in '98. After that I realized that I could use that money for more important stuff. By copying games, I save 200 bucks a year. No moral standards are going to beat that.

Woah there people, Settle down. This was suppost to be a joke about the RIAA not fukin warez.

And besides all of this, nobody is a real pirate unless they own a parrot! BAG-L :smiley:

“Pieces of Gates, pieces of Gates”

@ Lazza,


They also need a peg leg and need to own or at least know some one that owns a ship.

Oh and say stuff like “aharrr” and “land ahoy mateys”



Arggh ye mateys and sorry landlubbers!

The evil king of Microsoft be having plans for a rent system.
So instead of paying 300 dubloons for Office XP once, ye pay a small amount each month! Yarr. Shiver me timbers! What to do about that ye lowly bilge rats? Shall we capture and keelhaul King Bill Gates III? Or make him walk the plank in shark infested waters?
Me ship be mighty good for the job, aye it is.

What do ye sorry barnacle faced landleggers think of that, eh?

Pirates who agree, say ARGGHH!


Love the wig, it is a wig right??? :smiley: