Piracy investigator welcomes lower music prices



I just posted the article Piracy investigator welcomes lower music prices.

lanky used our newssubmit to report: "In an interesting Australian news story they discuss how cheap online music might actally fight piracy. I can see most average reader (even computer ‘newbies’)…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4022-Piracy-investigator-welcomes-lower-music-prices.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4022-Piracy-investigator-welcomes-lower-music-prices.html)

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As I understand it, prices are determined by whatever the market will bear, not by pirates or anything else. The simple fact is that the record industry refuses to take advantage of cheaper technologies, (ie. the internet). and then pass the savings along to the consumer. They currently have a working marketing scheme, they just want more. Thank God the consumer has a way to fight back, its just too bad if the record companies don’t like it.


$10 for a downloadable album is still expensive! I think the actual CD should be $10, and the mp3 version should be more along the lines of $5 per album


wasnt this article already discussed like 3 days ago??


Its a step in the right direction but still not enough, The motivation (for me at least) to copy a cd is because i can’t afford to shell out £15 whenever i want a cd. I can’t see many really relying on mp3 for buying all their music, simply because its not as convenient and the quality isn’t there. If cd’s were say £5, there would be no need for piracy. A few fat cats might have to do with one less new villa in the maldives but hey, life can be a bitch


Considering the record for honesty and morality on the NSW police force, I would tend to take specks comments with a pinch of salt. But it’s good to see at least they are looking at both sides of the story…:7


I’ll buy the original music cd’s but for 6,99 € 1CD and 8,99 € 2CD. With or withou copy protecten schem doen’t matter then to me! :frowning: