Piracy increases market share of Microsoft in China

I just posted the article Piracy increases market share of Microsoft in China.

Microsoft Windows is currently the best known and most used Operating System in the world. Microsoft is one of the strongest companies in the world and gains more and more power in more and more…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4568-Piracy-increases-market-share-of-Microsoft-in-China.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4568-Piracy-increases-market-share-of-Microsoft-in-China.html)

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Piracy is especially high with students also. If a successful stop to piracy could be made and students had to pay for M$ software in order to use it, then they might likely use some other competitors’ software and when they leave college, they wouldn’t be as familiar with M$ products as students who download/share the products. This could result in businesses starting up using competitors software also as it’s employees wouldn’t be that familiar with Microsoft products.

Home piracy…er…making backups will end up like prostitution…illegal but tolerated…:7

I’m running Windows XP corporate. Well not right now, but at home. But if I had to pay for my OS, since I’m a um, pirate. I would be using Linux as my main OS.

Incredible isn’t it? MS try so damn hard to stop everyone else from using their OS as pirated software but allow the Chinese to virtually get away with it!!! Are they frightened of being overrun by them if they objected? It just goes to show that protection of an OS is not necessary and their price, if brought down, would encourage more users to pay for it. The cost would need to be no more than £30 though for a full pro version of Win XP for everyone to CONSIDER buying legit versions. Copying of an OS will never stop until these oversized cigar smoking, self-centered, money minded and whatever bigots decide to agree with the majority and lower prices. All the hype about DRM too is nonsense. Remember the Spectrum with the old “clicky loaders”? How technology changes… and with it the simple ways to bypass these attempts to stifle everyones right to make personal copies of tresured music or software!!! :c

Microsoft pretends they are just figuring out that piracy may have some beneficial side affects. What would the Chinese use if MS was successful at a crackdown? Hmmm, what could it be? Could it be… LINUX? The best benefit of LINUX is that it forces the future price of Windows towards 0.