Piracy in Spain reportedly valued at $6 billion in 6 months



I love these guys … http://www.myce.com/news/pirated-content-in-spain-valued-at-over-6-billion-in-6-months-30328/

Per the mentioned article:

As part of the research, 5,911 Spanish citizens were polled regarding downloading and sharing pirated content — piracy accounts for 95.6% all music, and 83.7% of online movies. Due to this, copyright groups claim that the Spanish government lost out on $1.7 billion taxes during 2009.


It’s a shame to think these people are trying to trick people into believing each pirated song/movie is a lost sale. I don’t know about you, but most people I know who download music wouldn’t purchase everything in their library if P2P were to disappear. :confused:


I would venture that half the software available would disappear if pirating were completely stopped. I wonder how many people that use a given program, or song, used a pirated version first then decided to buy it. My hunch is this type of information is not something the RIAA, MPAA etc. want us to know.