Piracy in cyberspace by congressman Lamar Smith

I just posted the article Piracy in cyberspace by congressman Lamar Smith.

Congressman Lamar Smith has written a story posted by the Music Industry New Network. His writes about the pirates in history and pirates nowadays and how they differ. As he writes about the losses…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4039-Piracy-in-cyberspace-by-congressman-Lamar-Smith.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4039-Piracy-in-cyberspace-by-congressman-Lamar-Smith.html)

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bull$h!t you congressman, just want a scape goat for who get the money from all this piracy and you use terrorists as it. (most people cant afford to buy all the new 15.00 cd’s every week so what wrong with d/l inferior quality music…NONE!!!) You know i dont think people would pirate as much in movies if the damn movie theaters did not charge $14.00 per person. now that is a crime, i see alot of movies and i probally spend about 50.00 to go out to see a movie. may be 2-3 times a week (with GF and this includes food drinks etc.) so you want to get mad about pirated movies go and bitch to parromount, 20th centery, universial etc. about the prices of movies tickets. (yea i know about overhead and inflation and all that other sh!t but comon 14.00. Eat my asshole!!!) and all you guys that bitch about oh mp3 this and mp3 that, fu.ck!! when tapes were around you copied about the same quality. and now most mp3’ aren’t 320kb/s A.K.A cd quality. it is usally 128-160 and even 192 but those sound as good as a cassete. you all are a joke go back to your 1.5 million dollar house and your 5 150,000 dollar cars. i hope that you get cancer for all this sh!t. well got to go and get some sh!t off our 0-day dump. fu.cking pansey

Maybe congress should promote P2P file shaing programs as it would dilute the market for pirated software. Why buy a pirated version if you can download it for free? Use P2P as a way to fight terrorism! :4

K, guys i have an Idea. Lets have a Bin Laden fund raiser. All of us sell as many copies as we can or pirated good and then we will send all the money to Bin laden to fund his operations. Anyone in with me? WTF is the congressman on. He seems to be a little crazy with the whole, lets shut down pirates thing. If you ask me he is way off.

well, if u are a resident in the state of Texas- now u know who to vote against the next time election rolls around – don’t forget… LAMER Smith :8

I’ll tell you what terrorism and terrorists are. Terrorists are men like Lamar Smith. Men that are willing to sell out the people the represent to companies. The greatest threat facing this country isn’t foreigners that want to fly planes into buildings or blow up nuclear power plants. The greatest threat to this nation are terrorists like Lamar Smith who work ever so dilligently to destroy the fabric of this nation and undermine the rights of everybody, simply so he can line his pockets.

Can someone go and check the con-greed-mans bank account in the last few weeks and see any large sums of money deposited by the RIAA or MPAA? :r

What is all this about inferior quality? As far as I can tell (and probably many people with me), any MP3 over 96kb is pretty much perfect quality.

Who the fuck is this prick anyway? Anything i’ve seen with his name on it always seems to be full of shit was’nt this also the guy who wanted it to be illegal to own a computer capable of copying audio tracks to portable devices? when are these people going to learn that we (the consumer) are sick to death of there price fixing and finally able to do something about it at a large enough level that they will have to sit up and take notice for once.

This Smith is a real jerk. And what is wrong with all politicians today. They all blame terrorists for everything “wrong” that happens. Maybe they should take a look in the mirror and deal with the real problem: themselves. Pirates are much better men then those politicans paid by the real criminals like big companies are.

Hey, wadda ya know, I’m a terrorist, and I didn’t even know it! Amazing the things you learn on line.

Hah…terrorism…what a joke. The government tried doing that during the Superbowl(only with drugs). The one you will never hear and the one that is the biggest supporter of terrorism…OIL. But, you won’t hear many politicians complaining that when you drive your car, you are supporting terrorism…because big oil helps get most of these scums in there. Bush and Gore were heavily backed by big oil funding…puppets…liars. Also, MP3’s do have crappy sound quality unless you are over the 200kb mark…128kb = That sounds pretty bad. Definitely below cassette quality.

Not much to add here This dickheads own statement convicts him. Remember you yanks , you get the politician you DON’T vote for. Next election get off your arses and fucking VOTE!!..I for one do not want to see the new world order voted in by 30% of the american public. You sit back and whimper about how your rights are being eroded but are to frigging lazy to vote. Your indifference results in ponces like “LAMAR” ever being in congress… people power dudes …people power…:7

I would advise you all to got check out the campaign contributions made to Mr. Smith at: http://herndon1.sdrdc.com/cgi-bin/can_give/H6TX21012 Seems like the NRA and big oil is leading the crop… also look up your local candidate and register to vote people!

corporate idiots like lamer smith think that everyone has enough money to spend on buying every music cd and movie that comes out also large companies can afford to charge much less for movies and music then they do i think that it is wrong to charge what they do and then crack down on the people who download or buy cheaper copys because they live on a buget (unlike most politions)i wonder if he understands the real meaning of his own phrase “But technological advances don’t change the fundamental rules of right and wrong”? is he saying that price of Cinemas and music shops is right?if so i have 1 word “bullshit”

If this is only about legislation that will prevent businesses and people from copying for profit, all will be ok. If this is about legislation that will prevent people from copying and sharing with friends or downloading, then things will suck big time and then fuck Lamar Smith!!!