Piracy friendly DVR's (which are what)

Ok I have a friend who told me all about the dvr105 that went to teac, then had new firmware that were anti piracy freindly… etc

reading up - some people have probs w/ the 105s (i am assuming firmware)… But I want a basic, dependable DVR that can burn movies. I am sick of my friends borrowing them and buggering em all up. So which is the best “affordable” DVR (ide) out there?

…no anti-piracy ones please… that is assine imo !~!

Tnx!!:o :bow:


The NEC’s a good thing.

I am curious about this anti-piracy friendly thing.

So far i have backupped recompressed , region free , macrovision free images with my Philips 4 Speed DVD ReWriter and i’ve never had any troubles.

Well the biggest thing im hoping for is to not buy a drive, throw in my dvd and have it not read it. from my understanding, a anti-piracy drive wont even play dvd’s - but then again, all i know about dvd’s is i put them in, press play and people show up on my tv :wink:

Lol - noob<:confused:

Making a so-called anti-piracy DVD burner
would have far reaching negative results
on a company(IMHO). It would be just like some of those CD’s issued by BMG. When consumers found that the discs wouldn’t play in their PC’s,they brought them back in droves. So it would behoove a company to remain user-friendly…:cool: