Piracy forces change in Eminem release date



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looser used our newssubmit to tell us that BillBoard.com is reporting that the release date of Eminem’s new album, “The Eminem Show,” has been moved up one week to May 28 to minimize the loss of…

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ROTLMAO RNS released it almost 2 weeks ago any way who wants to buy a cd you cant rip or listens to in you pc so they force the most consuments to download the pirate version of it so you can listens to it on your pc and in your car with out any problems. Again we win they lose,They better could lower the damn price on it instead of putting there money on a protection that AGAIN is failed!! when will they learn??? i think never.


I’m glad they are loosing money on this shit. Music so terrible should not be pawned off on kids who don’t know any better. Eminem is such a piece of trash!


well, i’m glad too to see tey’re wasting money in useless copy protection, and this is only because, with my digital out, i know i will be always able to copy audio cds… until they make one so protected that it won’t even play in a stand-alone cd reader :4


U know, no matter what. If the tunes are good enough PPL will buy them if they can afford to. Eventually everyone owns Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon :slight_smile:


Strooperman… Yep!!! And to Pink Floyd? Yep!!! Keep smiling… unless your teeth are black!! :4


lol… I tried to play Dark Side of the Moon last night. I’ve had it so long and listened to it so much it was far too scratched… so I went out and picked up another one. AS for (f)Eminem, good… he shouldn’t be making any money of that garbage he calls “music” anyway


well, I dont get it why those record companies complain. They b-tch about the sales dropping 0.2%. Who gives a flying f-ck, you still make millions of it. Same goes for Tom Cruise and his rotten idea. And oh, people who might downloaded emniems album of the net might still buy it to support the artist and because they want the real deal. I have the album and will buy the retail when it gets rlsed. Eminem is a great artist who isnt afraid of saying his opinion. Thats a good thing. And oh, he hates N’Sync, thats always a plus :slight_smile:


Like Nelson Muntz on the Simpson says, " HA HA " :slight_smile:


hi my name is -Igotloadsofdollar$ ??? :slight_smile:


I’ve always preferred The Wall to Dark Side… :wink:


i am actually really liking this album at the moment!


You know how to properly copy protect a CD… Don’t put the music on it.


u will never stop technology no matter how much $$$$ u spend.:slight_smile: