PIPO Scans

Hope this question is not considered too basic for this forum but here goes:

I’m relatively new to using PIPO Scans with DVDInfoPro but in checking my own as well as numerous others that are posted on the web there appears to be an almost universal although at times slight increase in the error rate in the last 1/4 of almost every disk scan you look at.
Can someone explain why this happens ?

Wow, I’m surprised no one has answered this for you yet. I’m relatively new also, but as NEAR as I know, it’s caused by the “relative” read rate being faster as the laser approaches the outer edges of the disk. That’s why the green line (if you use Nero’s CD/DVD Speed) always goes up as the Benchmark Test progresses. In other words, the drive has to read faster without making mistakes. Kind of like it’s hard for you to understand what you’re reading if you read super fast. I believe the disk is also less stable out there farther away from the spinner and it might be more subject to vibration.
Hope this helps,

Thanks Tim - that explanation makes sense to me. Glad to get it clarified - it was driving me crazy trying to figure it out.