PIPO scanning

what’s the usefullness of the PIPO scanning when i get the folowing results :
scanned with DVDInfoPro on NEC ND-3540A 1.01

Fuji branded DVD+R RICOHJPNR01
PI total 30061
PI peak 209
PI avg 81
PIF total 385
PIF peak 7
PIF avg 1

Pressed DVD Alien vs Predator R2 Big Deal 1 disk ed ( 6,3 GB )
PI total 4994
PI peak 55
PI avg 19
PIF total 431
PIF peak 13
PIF avg 2

I understand that the PIF’s are more important than the PI’s , and they are higher on a pressed DVD than on a burned .

There are plenty of folks who would say that using that program and that drive for scanning is indeed of “questionable” value.

Aside from that, I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. 1st, the numbers don’t tell the story, only the actual graph can do that. Both posted tests seem to be within expected ranges.

Thanks for your answer.
As 25 % of my 8 year old TY CDR’s with golden reflector ( branded Philips and Pioneer ) have unreadable parts , i try to get an indication how long my dvd+r’s ( RICOHJPNR01) will last.( storage was dry , dark ,av temp 22 °C )
The scans give an idea about the quality of the disks , but as long as they are within specs , does that say something about the longevity ?

Yes but it is questionable. Better results generally show that the disc will last longer. But many other factors also come into this like poor disc bonding, bad dye application and just plain crap dye (Ritek G05).

but as long as they are within specs , does that say something about the longevity ?
Not really. All makes of discs degrade at different rates, so the original error levels are not an indication of longevity. Maybe it is for discs of the same model and batch, though, but I’m not even convinced of this.

It’s like comparing two cars of different brands/models and wondering if the one which has more gas in its tank will run longer than the one that has less gas in its tank. Without knowing how much each car burns per km, one can’t give an answer.

What’s sure is you DO need gas in your tank, i.e. your discs/burns must have reasonable error levels to start with… :wink:

Now if you want comments about your Ricoh burns, better post the actual graphs, as rdgrimes mentioned. :wink: