PIPO half way after upgrading to 111L 8.25

I think you should first read the forum rules again, then use SEARCH when having questions and last but not least respecting other members.

So, finally, please make up your mind. I gave you more than 1 idea to try out.

I think you sould not post when you don’t need to.

you sould post only if you can contribute, other wise, don’t do it!

what idea you gave me?? that i didn’t think of it by my self and i did not tray it?

what? to trick the TDB flasher and replace the bios image? is that all you got after 13,000 posts??

since i’m not getting too much help from this forum, when all i was requesting is the fricking 111d_106.exe file, i’ll hack the friking file by myself.

for now i upgraded it to 111 1.23 offisial firmware, and till you don’t have an idea how to get it back to 111D, don’t waist our expensive time!!

Dude, now you make me angry. What’s going on in your mind?
Also, learn to read and write correct english. :rolleyes:

i suggest you to do the same!

For other ppl who have pioneer dvr-111 drive, did you have same problems when traying to test the quality of the burn using PIPO (PIE/PIF) ??

i need to know that , before replacing the drive.

Mine cannot scan the second layer either.
Asus 1608P3S@Buffalo 111L 8.26

I just realized now that I never bothered to scan with this drive and have always used my Benq 1655 instead.


PM sent.

In the future try Google before going into fight or flight mode. Otherwise, just have fun. Now if you’d forked out 100+ USD for a Plextor, THEN it would be understandable to pack a sidearm and take cheap shots at innocent bystanders…

Pioneer drives have been discussed in other forums & they’re generally not reliable drives for scanning.

Comsoft, I suggest you read our rules again if you want to continue on this forum. A very important one, especially if you want help, is to show respect to other members on this forum. You have been warned!

Some posts deleted.