PIPO half way after upgrading to 111L 8.25

I just upgraded my dvr-111d to 111L 8.26 and when using it to test PIPO it stops at 50% when testing DVD+R DL verbatim.

i wonder if it’s the same with burning DL disks.

also, how do i flashing back to 111D again.

can’t find 1.06 on TDB site no more.

trayed everything and with no success.

please help.

the burner is 2 days old.

No one knows why the burner test pipo just for the first layer?

no one had this problem?

where are the experts?

i replaced the firmware the TDB 111D 8.19, and also to 111D 8.25 and still have same problem, it PIPO only for the first layer (50%).

does anyone knows anything on this problem, have i ruined the drive? will fallback to original firware will fix it?

origianl when i got the drive it did not do pipo, only after upgrading to TDB.

but after that i did one PIPO successfull test (if i’m not mistaken) and all succeeded test fail at 50%.

please help!

Hi comsoft,

Even if the experts were online, they would need the following information :

  • what is the error message or what did you see on the screen ?
  • did you check the temperature and CPU usage ?
  • is your drive UDMA enabled in mode 4 ?
  • version of CD Speed used ?
  • what is your system made up with ?

The best is that you provide a tranfer rate test and complement the information or also provide the content of Nero Info Tools.

  • no error message, just freezing on 50% like in the picture attached.
    trayed with every program: nerocdspeed,dvdinfopro and kprobe, all the same.

  • do you talking about the MAIN cpu?
    what the cpu temperature have to do with the pioneer burner faild to PIPO the second layer of a disk, if i may ask?

  • the pioneer 111D is master on secondnery ide channel and the sony dw-d22a is the slaveon the same cannel. thay both are UMDA4 Ultra66.

  • cdspeed kprobe 2.5.2. dvdinfopro 4.614

  • my system is AMD XP 2600+ with GIGABYTE GA-7N400 PRO motherboard and 2G 266 DDR and windows xp home addition service pack 2 and ~ 6*120G hard drives.

Yes, we can dismiss heat now you have shown that strange stop in PI/PO scan at exactly 50%

We can’t dismiss a flaky drive but, as 1.06 is unavailable atm, I would suggest that you search in the following directions :

  • make a transfer rate test with CD Speed to see whether the disk can be read till the end with a smooth curve
  • try copying the files to your HDD for the same reason.
  • you seem to use Nero 7, from the CD Speed version number. Try downloading the independant version CD from the author’s site www.cdspeed2000.org
  • in case it complains about Nero aspi not found you could dl it from ahead.de
  • did you upgrade Nero 7 to the latest version ?
  • Nforce 2 IDE drivers are known to cause problems. Try upgrading your drivers or change for Microsoft’s.

I don’t have a ready to use solution because your problem does not have an entry in my book.

Good luck !

i’ll do that, but for now i’ll give you the results of my lats tests.

cross downgraded to 111 1.06 (not 111d 1.06 as i suppose) since this is the only TDB 1.06 that i could get.

checked with it, same results.

upgraded to 111D 8.25, same results.

what do you mean by flaky drive? defective drive? is it becose i change to TDB firmware?

i can replace the drive it’s two days old, but i need to reflash it with original firmware before that.

last think. where do i get microsoft NFORCE 2 drivers?

thank you

Now when i think of it, i had problems with burning disks on my old pioneer a03 when upgrading to this motherboard!!

Every Gigabyte upgrade for your mother board is here :

Flaky is malfunctioning http://www.comedia.com/hot/jargon-4.2.3/html/entry/flaky.html


i installed the computer few days ago, and i’ve installed all the updated drivers from the gygabyte web site.

and i just downloaded another driver for the nforce 2 from nvidia web site.

i did the reading curve test and it did succeeded to read to the end of it.

here is the picture.

i can’t do reading files from this disk, since it’s a xbox 360 backup with a diff file system.

Here another failer after installing the nforce 2 drivers from nvidia website.

nothing new, the same problem! :a

All I’ve read about that is that it normally is not possible… So :cop: :rolleyes:

what not possible???

can you PM me the TDB firmware 1.06 for the pioneer 111D? i need it to fall back to original firmware.

I cannot scan DL media with my PIONEER 111 either. SL, yes, but it is so slow I never use it with my BENQ 1640 in the next bay.

I think you son’t need the 1.06 to do that - that is what TDB have posted several times already…

The problem with scanning the second layer on a +R DL in the 111 is only with some firmwares, from what I’ve experienced so far. Just a firmware flaw probably.

listen, from your post i see that you sleep and eat on this forums. and on this forums there are tousents of threads wich i’m reading two days for finding a solution. instead of posting how much i don’t do what i suppose to, you can help me by pointing me or sending me the file to flash it to 111d 1.06.

if you know of this problem and know the answer, why letting me kill dvd+r dl , and waist more hours on serching the answer when you have it??

isn’t your goal is to help ppl on this forums??

Now you listen, comsoft. Do a little research on your own, first. Chef does not “sleep and eat” on this forum to help those unwilling to help themselves. There is little chance that you will “kill dvd+r dl” with any firmware. Just the scanning is an issue- not burning. I’ve successfully created thirty plus Verbatim MKM001 DVD’s with a variety of firmwares. Nary a coaster in the bunch. I suggest using IMGBurn- it creates a MDS file to insure proper placement of the layer break.

The point is that I’m not responsible for that what you are doing…

Anyway, I don’ t have this 1.06 TDB firmware, so I cannot send it to you.
I’ve explained an possible solution in the other thread you posting in.

so why did you respond to my post from the fist place if you don’t have the F file?

so, the buttom is that , you posted like you have the solution in your slieves but you actully cant help shit!

i wanted a simple thing, and you did a fiesta of it.
all i wanted/asked is this specific file, not a lecture of how smart you are and dumb and stuped me!!

you don’t have it, don’t post. you don’t have other solution of getting my drive back to 111d, don’t post!

if you just posting to get to 13,000 post, then don’t post!!!

what the result you get? the same as mine?