Pionner or NEC or?



My plextor 716a died AGIAN… i think last time I ever buy a plextor. That was the RMA that I got after the first drive died after 8 months of “light use” (only 100 dvd’s and 100 cdr’s burnt— that is light use IMO). The replacemnt only lasted a couple of months…i got it in jan 2006 and it died last week… jun 2006. Not good!

So now im down to just my BenQ 1655… which I love! Its an oem and burns great…especailly with the newe firmware. However I want a back up that will cover the other spectrum of disks. The benq will burn dual layer BUT only at 2.4 speed and not the best quality (when compared the not deceased plextor).

I am wondering if either the Pioneer 111D or the NEC 3550A would be a decent replacement.

Now realize please that I have spent about 5 hours or more looking at scans… searching the forum etc seeking info about these drives and for the most part the 111D looks decent *just cause there is more data available. But if the NEC will beat it on average then I might go with that drive.

I need a lot of “seasoned” opnions (both drives same price on newegg)
Which one is most likely to give across the board decent burns and ripps.
( I use only tiayo yuden dvd and cdr media unless its dual layer and then I use mkm 001 verbatium–I do use light scribe media for “special” burns in my benq… but that ONLY in the benq)

Which drive is least likely to be a dude on arival and not DIE after a couple of months?


The benq will burn dual layer BUT only at 2.4 speed

The Pio111 is actually king for DL media, I think.


The new Pioneer 111 is very good on all the media I tried so far but I would highly recommend the [B]???[/B] it’s a great all round burner :slight_smile:


Yes I hear the ??? is wonderful, but I can’t find anyone who has it in stock, and they look funny at me at the local shop when I ask when it’s going to be available. :bigsmile:


@coathi and Drage



the best burner manufacturer out ther has been and always will be Pioneer.

anything else is just a wannabe.

case closed.


Naah, it’s not that easy.


Yup there are other variables to consider, ie Scanning, Ripping, ect. Although I agree that the 111 appears to be one of the most solid burners that is currently out there.