Pionner DVR A05 / 105 : Burn 1x Media @ 2x Speed

Well I haven’t found anything about this on the Forum or in the News so Im going to write it down here.

OK what I wanted to tell you is that I found an Firmware for the Pioneer A05 / 105 that allows you to write most common 1x DVD-R brands on 2x Speed.

For info & Downloads head over to http://pioneerdvd.rpc1.org/ and to http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?t=12632

I allready tested cheap Princo DVD-R 1x at 2x Speed and I can tell you that it works with RECORD MAX 4.5 & Nero (Second Newest Version)

On www.dretschler.com (german Page) you can find 100er Cakeboxes of Princo 1x for around 130 Euro.


PS : Sorry if this is an old hat and all of you allready know about this. Also I’m not responsible for Bad Flashes & Malfunctioning Drives.

I have been using cheap 1x media now with about 20 movies. All seemed OK.
My Panasonic set-top DVD Player would play these disks ok… until now…just stopped working. They still work in my DVD drives in my PC. I have now started burning at 1x again and the disks work fine in the Panasonic.

By the way, Just do a search and you will find that this Firmware has been discussed quite a bit right here on this fourm…nothing new to us.