Pionner DVR-111D good drive?

I did a search on the site and did not find any information on Pionner DVR-111D. Is it a good drive or select something else?

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[B] YES, YES, YES [/B] :iagree:

Is it fast at reading and does it access the disc quickly? (the reason I’m asking is that it’s hard to decide between this and the BenQ DW1650, I’m leaning towards the Pioneer but so many people report the DW1650 as being faster or better without any modified firmware)

You can use MEDIA CODE SPEED EDIT (MCSE) for faster reading. This can be used with the PIONEER 111D/L & BENQ 1650 drives.

I’ve got both and they work well together, each has it’s benefits.

The Benq is a quicker ripper & scans well, whereas the Pio when crossflashed to the 111L has DVD-RAM writing but can’t scan properly. Both burn very well on quality media but I suspect the Pio would handle poor media better.

Tough choice.