Pionner DVDR-108 DL burning problems

Ok i currently have a pioneer DVDR-108 burner and im no n00b to dvd burning

ive burnt an easy 300-400 DVD5’s in it not a problem all work fine all work after many yr still

recently i have been gettin into DL burnin for some things i have currently burnt about 6 of these discs with DVD Decrypter no problems

Im currently trying to burn this 8 GIG ISO like i usually would but im getting errors and it wont continue

i bought a 3x1 pack of Verbatim 8.5 gig DL disks

the first DL disc i burnt from the pack gave me 1 read error and continued onto the 2nd layer and finilized and it works fine

ive tried to burn the other ISO and it gets to 50% at a 4x burn and when it goes to do the 2nd layer it spools down like its suppost to do and then when it tried to do the 2nd layer i just get read error after read error

with this log message in DVD Decrypter

W 21:17:24 Failed to Write Sectors 1973664 - 1973695 - Power Calibration Area Error


the other 2 discs in the 3 disc pack both returned this error and failed

i then tried a normal DVD5 burn in nero to see if it was the burner that was dying

it burnt this dvd5 and it plays back fine

im worried if its a combination of things

a) the media maybe a bad batch since even the initial first dvd didnt work and had to be retried then worked

b) is my burner slowly dying ?

c) should i try another disc and or do a new ISO image of the files

any help would be greatly appreciated

btw when i burn DVD5’s in nero im using nero express and it has never let me down

is my lens dirty ??

should i burn my DL at 2.4x instead of 4x it is Verbatim DL media which is meant to be good and hasnt failed me before for the other DVD9s ive burnt

i usually use TDK for DVD5’s with no problems


any help guys ?

DVDDecrypter version?
Firmware revision?

I have a Pioneer DVR-109 and I’m having the same DL burning issue. I’m using the latest firmware (ver 1.58) for my burner, and I’ve tried four different media brands $$$. I’m using Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 4 to burn and I’ve been able to burn to CD and DVD(4.7GB) but not DVD(8.5GB). Cyberlink’s tech support has been working on this for two months and they have no solution yet, and my burner is on their compatibility list.

Note: I was able to burn to DL media using a trial copy of Ulead VideoStudio 9 and DVD Decrypter.

No problems burning with the latest Nero, MKM001 media and Pio 108 (flashed to Piodata 108DX). Excellent results. Try Nero (it’s free to try).