Pionner 112D issues


I have problems when burning dvd or cd. When i tried to burn at 24 or 40 x speed cd rom, it keeps saying write error and failed many times but when i burn at 4x, its fine.

For dvd, i tried any speed, it ends up BSOD blue screen of death often freeze and slows down the system

My computer is amd athlon 64 3700+, 1 G ram, winxp, 250 g sata II and that burner is on pata.

Any suggestions?

many thanks

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Perhaps initially you need to check the DMA status of the burner although I don’t see how that would cause a BSOD but could result in burn failures & slow system performance.

Thanks for reply,

neither do i.

its on ultra dma 4

help guys anyone trying burning on vista ulitmate? i got weird device buffer gone crazy always droping from 100% to 92-95%. using imgburn!!! on my dw 1800 the device buffer never drop that only 98-99% sometimes.

are you seriously worried about a drop from 100 to 92-95%? That is hardly a drop and infact perfectly normal. If the drives OPC kicks in the drive will usually jump around a bit to compensate for the burn. At 92% total buffer you have absolutely nothing to worry about. My father has a 112 running in Vista Ultimate and his drive does the same thing and all burns come out without issues. Just relax and enjoy your drive.

i worried couse other not droping like that… benq dw 1800 an my lite 165ps6 buffer run on 100% if droping not that far go to 97-99%. This baby always droping like mad. I got some bad memory about droping buffer.(sign of the dead dvd in my past)

My pio 111 buffer drops even on 87% during burn process. Till there is no buffer underrun, the burning result should be very ok. Btw, my crap philips burner buffer is constantly on 80% at the whole burning process.

I only read the % buffer as a grain of salt. The problem is that different burning software/hardware configurations may read or scan the buffer percentage differently. Some programs will say 100% all the time and others will jump between 80-100%. Maybe a faster computer will sample the buffer more often. In general, if you do not encounter a real buffer under run, you are probably OK.

Agree with pedxingx on the grain of salt thing, The questions is, did the movie burn ok? if so then that is all that matters as like was stated different software and burners will all give you different readings