Pionner 111d

Phew! all seems a bit complicated to me :eek: I am quite happy if my burnt discs play on all my dvd players with no glitches and with the combination of verbatim discs and Pioneer writer, all is well, I can remember the times i used different makes of disc Ritek etc and half the time the picture would break up and sometimes the player would not play the disc at all, hopefully those days are now behind me :slight_smile:

Regarding the burn speed , most here would recommend 12x for quality 16x media.

Thanks Tim, I`ll go with your rec speed, x12, thanks very much :slight_smile:

Still doubtful to me that you have got burned a full dvd5 in 5:30…

lol yes i am also truely very very very surprised :wink:

Without doubt, an actual LG dvd burner or one by Liteon speedpatched with codeguys firmware could do this - but I haven’t seen a Pio burner doin’ it so far…

Well maybe I got a special one :bigsmile: It`s true I timed it with my stopwatch, not much more I can say, I will only be burning in future at 12x just to be on the safe side, I am not bothered about speed, as long as the quality is good,

What a fantastic combination Pioneer 111 and verb discs, thats me sorted :bigsmile:

In the end, that’s what counts for your pleasure.